Jaden Smith may have been nervous ahead of his final Coachella performance, but knowing all that his son has accomplished throughout his life, Will Smith knew he’d be able to handle it.

In his latest YouTube vlog, the 50-year-old actor documented the hours leading up to his 20-year-old son’s weekend two set at the annual music festival, where Will surprised fans by joining Jaden onstage for a performance of his son’s song “Icon.”

Looking visibly anxious before stepping out onstage, Jaden confessed to his father on camera that he was feeling “nervous as f—.”

In an effort to illustrate that his son is capable of rising to any challenge, the proud papa switched gears and began sharing a series of adorable throwback videos of his son.

In the first clip, fans see a very young Jaden stretched out on his back as mom Jada Pinkett-Smith tells him to “do your trick.”

“I can’t do that,” Jaden cried out, to which his mother simply replied, “Yes, you can. You got to practice.”

Explaining that being nervous is just the start of many creative journeys, Will went on to share that being “nervous is great.”

“It means you’re outside your comfort zone. Where growth happens,” Will continued in a voice-over.

“Besides, you never really needed permission to take matters into your own hands,” he continued, as footage from a time when Jaden decided to give himself an impromptu haircut with a pair of scissors filled the screen.

Continuing, Will went on to praise his son for also “being courageous enough to try something new, and persistent enough to stick to it for years even when it knocks you down.”

Showing how much his son has grown over the years, Will proceeded to share footage of himself teaching Jaden how to skateboard, followed by a clip of his son falling, and getting back up, while attempting to do fancy tricks on his own.

Will went on to add that Jaden wasn’t the only one who was nervous that Coachella day.

“You were nervous, shoot I was nervous,” he shared, as he rolled clips of himself walking out onstage. “But we did the damn thing out there.”

The clip ended with the pair hugging it out onstage, before the proud papa shared one last clip of his son as a boy, goofing off for the cameras.

During the actual performance last month, the Coachella crowd went wild as the elder Smith showed off his musical chops.

Later, both father and son shared the same video to their Instagram accounts. “Done Did ‘dat!” the Bad Boys star captioned the video, adding the hashtag #coachella. Meanwhile, Jaden wrote: “I Love You Coachella.”

This isn’t the first time the younger Smith made this year’s Coachella a family affair.

During his performance in the first weekend of this year’s music festival, his sister Willow Smith, 18, made a surprise appearance onstage, along with family friend Jordyn Woods.

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