Escape To The Chateau: Dick watches as the roof is repaired

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Escape to the Chateau’s Dick Strawbridge and Angel Adoree recently undertook a big project when they decided to retile their chateau’s roof. However, during a recent episode of the Channel 4 show, Dick confessed he wanted to get the work complete as soon as possible in a bid to save his wife and children from worry.

The challenge of redoing the roof was one of the biggest repair projects they’d taken on since they first moved to their home in France.

Due to the size of the roof, Dick was unable to do the work on his own and needed to hire some helping hands.

In a recent episode, Dick stood outside his home gazing up at the team of builders working on the chateau’s roof.

He explained to viewers: “This is the front half of the chateau roof ready to start now.

“The scaffolding is taller than I thought it was going to be. I had to go up to the top bit. It looks bigger,” Dick laughed.

The star revealed that despite him not getting too involved with the physical side of the work, he was keen to get the job done before he got too old.

He made it clear he didn’t want his family to have to “worry” about the big repair project.

Dick commented: “From my perspective, I’m now officially getting to be an old fart.

“But in doing this job, Angela won’t have to worry, Arthur and Dorothy won’t have to worry.

“The chateau is officially saved after this,” he remarked.

Dick highlighted that as well as being a large project, it was a noisy one too.

“The chute works!” Dick exclaimed, as one builder tossed a stack of old roof slates down the waste chute.

Dick and Angel have previously spoken out about why replacing the roof of their home was such an important task for them to complete.

In a recent interview on This Morning, the couple explained their two children, Arthur and Dorothy, would one day inherit the property.

Dick and Angel made it clear they wanted the roof to be fixed before their children took over the chateau.

Dick explained: “Our biggest problems are, with Arthur and Dorothy taking over the chateau at some stage, they don’t want that [the roof renovation] hanging over them.

“They can’t have the fact that there’s a really big expense to sort the chateau out and the roof and the render and making it lovely.

“Us doing it now means that Arthur and Dorothy’s great-grandchildren should be the ones that actually worry about it,” he said.

Escape to the Chateau airs Sundays at 8pm on Channel 4.

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