Yellowstone: Kelly Reilly discusses filming with Wes Bentley

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Although Paramount Network’s western crime series Yellowstone came to an end in January, fans were able to spot blunders from previous instalments. Going back to the third season finale, an observant viewer noticed something wasn’t quite right with Jimmy Hurdstram (played by Jefferson White).

Viewers were first introduced to Jimmy in the pilot episode of Yellowstone which aired in 2018 and throughout the series, he has had constant injuries.

After a tragic event in his family, Jimmy began to work on John Dutton’s (Kevin Costner) ranch, which was where he also had to learn how to ride a horse.

The journey was the opposite of smooth sailing, as he often found himself severely injured after climbing on a horse.

However, none was as shocking as the season three finale when the ranch hand tried his hand at Bucking Bronc riding.

Things took a scary turn when he was thrown off the horse, even though he was still recovering from prior injuries after his last fall.

But this time after landing on the ground, he lay unconscious with fans unsure whether or not Jimmy survived the fall.

Thankfully, when season four returned in 2021, fans were over the moon to learn he had survived.

Even though he was still in recovery and after John begged him to give up rodeoing, it took words of encouragement from his girlfriend Mia (Eden Brolin) for him to have another go.

Although Jimmy had survived again, he needed intense physical therapy for him to return back to full health.

However, it was this scene where a viewer noticed a glaring blunder and exposed it on

The submission read: “In the end of season 3 Jimmy takes his wrist guard off and throws it on the ground before he gets on the bucking horse.

“Then when he is found on the ground in the season 4 opener, he is laying there and has the wrist guard on his wrist again.”

This was a huge blunder to make, as Jimmy had notably removed it after hearing words of encouragement from Mia.

He also would’ve wanted the freedom to use the full range of motion in his wrist to take on the horse again.

Although fans expressed their dislike for Mia, as she had motivated him to get on the horse and risk his life, Jimmy star Jefferson White shared Mia wasn’t the reason he’d gone back on.

During a conversation on Paramount’s Stories from the Bunkhouse, White was joined by his co-stars Denim Richards and Ian Bohen.

There he explained: “I think he was doing it for himself, he’s always getting buffeted around by these powerful other forces.”

Despite this, Bohen wasn’t convinced and shared that if it wasn’t for Mia, Jimmy would’ve never jumped on the horse.

However, the actor disputed: “It’s the first time in his life he’s felt proud. His whole life, he’s been a f**k-up. When it’s rodeo, like in the arena, nobody thinks about that twice.

“All that matters is the seconds that he’s on that horse. Jimmy’s trying so hard to even just have hope, that moment when he sees John Dutton, the world outside of that physical therapy room comes crashing back into the picture.”

Yellowstone is available to Paramount Network in the USA. A UK release date is yet to be confirmed.

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