Zac Clark Teases Fiancé Tayshia Adams’ Hosting Spot on The Bachelorette: 'Get Your Popcorn Ready'

No one has better intel as to what will happen on the newest season of The Bachelorette than Zac Clark.

Clark opens up to PEOPLE about what fans can expect from his fiancé Tayshia Adams, who is co-hosting the upcoming 17th season with former Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe. 

"Tayshia is obviously a talented person, and very good at what she does, whether it's leading a show or cooking at home," Clark, 37, tells PEOPLE. "I don't think Bachelor Nation needs any more help getting more excited than they already are about the upcoming season but, I will say … get your popcorn ready."

Warner Horizon and ABC Entertainment confirmed to PEOPLE in March that the two former Bachelorettes would be taking over for host Chris Harrison this season after he temporarily stepped down amid the franchise's racism controversy.

Since her season finale aired in December, Adams, 30, has moved to New York City to be with Clark, though the couple has split their time between the East and West Coast. 

"One of the beautiful things that we've been able to do for each other is support each other in everything we do," Clark says of their relationship. "No matter what she or I have going on, we talk through everything and it's been really healthy."

Clark adds that when Adams is in New York City, their downtime involves "a lot of gaming," and introducing the California native to New York's expansive food scene.  

This weekend, Clark will be participating in the Goggins Challenge, an endurance event that will see him run four miles, every four hours, for 48 hours consecutively, to raise money and awareness for people battling addiction and mental health issues.

He'll begin his journey Friday at 3 P.M. EST from the Equinox Hotel at Hudson Yards and continue running from the same starting point through Sunday. In all, he will run 48 miles — and he's documenting the entire experience on his Instagram page.

Clark is a brain tumor survivor who suffered a decade-long drug addiction. The addiction recovery specialist has been sober since 2011 and co-founded Release Recovery, an NYC-based full-service recovery organization.

Running, he says, is one of the activities that has aided his recovery.

"When I was actively drinking and drugging, I couldn't commit to anything, so now, being on the other side of that, being able to commit to running a marathon, or meeting a friend, has really given me a sense of accomplishment," he says. "Running has also been a great way for me to clear my mind and look at the world."

Being on The Bachelorette, Clark adds, has helped him start conversations about addiction and mental health with a larger audience and connect others struggling to helpful resources.

Clark tells PEOPLE his goal is to fundraise at least $40,000, but he's also encouraging others to join him on the runs — including some former Bachelorette castmates that live in the Big Apple, like Dr. Joe Park and Riley Christian.

And speaking of his castmates, fans have already begun speculating online about which contestants from Adams' season of The Bachelorette will make an appearance on the next season of Bachelor in Paradise, which is set to premiere in August. 

Clark admits that while he's never seen Paradise, he's excited to see some of his former castmates on the beach.

"I actually don't know what goes on on that show," he says. "But there's a certain level of intrigue in seeing some guys from Tayshia's season, and it'll be funny to watch them get back on the field." 

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