FIFTEEN THOUSAND Russians killed in Ukraine: Defence Secretary Ben Wallace reveals more Kremlin troops have died in two months than the US suffered in its entire war on terror – as he sends Kyiv British armoured anti-aircraft vehicles

  • Ben Wallace says Russia ‘has so far failed in nearly every one of its objectives’
  • The Defence Secretary tells MPs around 15,000 Russian troops have been killed
  • Vladimir Putin has also lost thousands of pieces of military equipment
  • Britain is donating ‘Stormer’ vehicles fitted with launchers for anti-air missiles

Around 15,000 Russian troops have been killed as Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine enters its ninth week, Defence Secretary Ben Wallace has told MPs.

Giving an update on the conflict, Mr Wallace said the death toll suffered by Vladimir Putin’s forces came in addition to the loss of thousands of pieces of military equipment by Russia.

He told the House of Commons that latest estimates suggest more than 2,000 Russian armoured vehicles have been destroyed or captured – including at least 530 tanks, 530 armoured personnel carriers and 560 infantry fighting vehicles.

Mr Putin had also seen the loss of more than 60 helicopters and fighter jets, as well as the sinking of its Black Sea fleet flagship, the Moskva, Mr Wallace said.

It was noted that Russia’s death toll in Ukraine was now more than double the number of US casualties during the conflicts in both Afghanistan and Iraq, waged as part America’s ‘war on terror’ since the 2001 attacks on New York. 

The Defence Secretary told MPs that Russia had seen more than a quarter of the 120 battalion tactical groups (BTGs) it committed to the Ukraine invasion now rendered ‘not combat effective’.

He said the beginning of Mr Putin’s invasion had seen the Russian President commit approximately 65% of his entire ground combat strength.

Defence experts say most Russian BTGs have between 700 to 800 personnel, but a few have around 900 troops.

Mr Wallace also confirmed to MPs that Britain was increasing its support for Ukraine by gifting Kyiv a small number of ‘Stormer’ armoured vehicles fitted with launchers for anti-air missiles.

He told MPs this would give Ukraine’s military ‘enhanced short-range anti-air capabilities both day and night’. 

A Stomer vehicle fires a Starstreak high-velocity missile during a training exercise. A number of these British vehicles have now been sent to Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin has now seen the loss of around 15,000 Russian troops since he began his invasion of Ukraine

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said, in the first 61 days of the conflict, Russia ‘has so far failed in nearly every one of its objectives’

The latest donation has followed a recent visit by members of the Ukrainian government to Salisbury Plains, where they were able to view what more British kit could be supplied.

In total, the UK has provided more than 5,000 anti-tank weapons, five air defence systems – with more than 100 missiles, 1,360 anti-structural munitions and 4.5 tonnes of plastic explosives, Mr Wallace said.

He added that British ‘Starstreak’ high-velocity and low-velocity anti-air missiles had now been in use by Ukrainian forces after being delivered to the country more than three weeks ago.

Mr Wallace said, in the first 61 days of the conflict, Russia ‘has so far failed in nearly every one of its objectives’.

He described how Mr Putin was now regrouping his forces with an aim of further invading eastern Ukraine’s Donbas region.

‘We anticipate this next phase of the invasion will be an attempt by Russia to occupy further the Donbas and connect via Mariupol the Crimea,’ Mr Wallace told the Commons.

‘So it is urgent we in the internationl community ensure Ukraine gets the aid and weapons it so much needs.’

He praised Ukraine as ‘an inspiration to us all’ after they had ‘beaten back the army of Russia in the north and the north east’.

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