Adam Sandler ‘having fun’ but takes no shots in Long Island pick-up basketball game

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Adam Sandler was a supporting actor during a 3-on-3 pick-up basketball on Long Island Sunday — taking zero shots over the course of around 30 minutes, while telling The Post he was “just trying to have fun.”

The 54-year-old “Happy Gilmore” star wore baggy white basketball shorts with blue stripes and a long grey t-shirt during the game, mostly passing the ball off to his much younger teammates.

Sandler’s ball skills and attire went viral last week, after footage from the same court at Christopher Morely Park in Roslyn showed the Sandman dishing the rock to his teammates with the finesse of a serious ballplayer — all in baggy shorts and a pink polo.

On Sunday, Sandler was still sporting the thick beard he had in the clip from earlier this month. After arriving on the court in the morning, he fist-bumped his fellow ballers around half an hour later and walked back to his black Lincoln SUV.

Asked by The Post if he’d been playing pick-up basketball his whole life, Sander replied: “Yes! Having fun!”

“I’m leaving now,” he said. “Just trying to have fun.”

Despite not taking any shots on Sunday, the comedian has a reputation for draining buckets.

He reportedly played ball with NBA legend Kevin Garnett while the two were filming 2019’s “Uncut Gems.”

Sandler said during a joint appearance with Sandler on “The Jimmy Kimmel Show” in December 2019 that he fantasized about Garnett shooting hoops with his friends.

“It was a dream of mine to maybe, after work, show up at a park and play 2-on-2, and say, ‘Let me call my friend Kevin to play with me,’” he recalled.

“It would have been amazing.”

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