TECH giant Amazon has notified its workers of the first confirmed case of coronavirus among its American workforce – at its Seattle headquarters.

Employees were notified of the development via email on Tuesday.

According to reports, the employee left Amazon's South Lake Union office complex in Seattle on February 25 complaining of illness.

The company was then informed Tuesday that the person had contracted COVID-19.

Amazon said that all workers who had been in contact with the employee had been notified.

Close contact has been defined by Amazon as being with six feet or closer over a prolonged period of time.

The company previously reported two of its workers in Italy had contracted the virus, which originated in China in December.

Amazon has said it will now be limiting nonessential travel within the United States.

Warehouse tours are also set to be cancelled, and the company will carry out some job interview virtually.

As of Tuesday, nine people nationwide were reported to have died from coronavirus, with one lawyer in New York currently in a "serious condition."

Officials announced on Tuesday that Washington State has a total of 29 confirmed cases.

It is unclear whether the Amazon employee was included in the count of 29.

Amazon's announcement comes at a time when Silicon Valley giants are looking to prevent the virus from spreading amongst their own workforces.

Twitter recently urged its 5,000 staff worldwide to work from home and stay away from various offices.

US workers were strongly encouraged to adhere to these rules, while it has now become mandatory for Twitter workers in South Korea, Hong Kong and Japan to avoid its offices.

Similarly to Amazon's halting of its warehouse tours, Facebook banned al non-business visitors to its California offices, including job applicants.

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