Andrew Neil, 74, says he is pleased to be branded a ‘TERF’ because that puts him in the same camp as JK Rowling

  • Andrew Neil says he is happy to be recognised as a ‘TERF’ alongside JK Rowling
  • He shared the story of de-transitioner Chloe Cole, saying it was ‘hreatbreaking’

Andrew Neil is the latest public figure to be branded a ‘TERF’ after questioning transgender ideology on Twitter.

The broadcaster, 74, was called the derogatory term – an acronym for trans-exclusionary radical feminist – when he asked why children were being given puberty blockers.

Neil said that if being a ‘TERF’ put him in the same camp as author JK Rowling, who is also critical of the trans movement, he was pleased because it made him a supporter of women’s rights.

After being subjected to online abuse over the weekend, the Daily Mail columnist tweeted: ‘I can see it’s been bloody in the trenches and those in the vanguard have been sorely abused and traduced.’

The trolling towards Neil began after he reacted to a video of de-transitioner, Chloe Cole, pleading with Congress to end gender-reassignment surgeries for minors in the US.

Andrew Neil said that if being a ‘TERF’ put him in the same camp as author JK Rowling, he was pleased because it made him a supporter of women’s rights

Neil reacted to the story of de-transitioner Chloe Cole, 19, who had both breasts removed at 15 as part of gender reassignment surgery that left her feeling ‘suicidal’


On Thursday, the 19-year-old addressed the court to say her ‘childhood was ruined’ by trusted medical professionals in the US who carried out the gender reassignment surgery which left her feeling ‘suicidal’.

Shocked, the former Sunday Times Editor and ex-BBC political presenter shared the video on Friday to his 1.2 million followers and said: ‘This is heartbreaking. It is barbaric.

‘I had no idea such things could be done to young, vulnerable people. I feel ashamed and angry. It must be stopped.’

His sentiments were met with a torrent of abuse from trolls claiming to support the transgender community who labelled him a ‘conspiracy crank’.

In response, Neil wrote: ‘Some are calling me a ‘Terf’ which doesn’t hurt since I have only a sketchy idea of what it means. But if people put me in the same camp as JK Rowling I’m content with that.

‘I’ve always thought of myself as a bit of a feminist but a radical feminist?!

‘Can’t wait to tell my old mate Germaine Grier. On a more serious note, I need some enlightening – I can’t work out why doctors give kids ‘puberty blockers’. Why would you do that?’

Neil further showed his support for frontline campaigners against allowing children to medically alter their gender by unblocking Graham Linehan, a controversial but consistent voice against the medical transition of children.

He wrote: ‘Well done to all those who’ve been raising the alarm for some time. I am impressed.’

The Harry Potter author and women’s rights campaigner, JK Rowling, has long been a target of such trolling from activists that pointed their hate towards Neil over the weekend.

Trans activists demanded a boycott of the author’s work and have faced death threats since 2020 after speaking up for women’s rights in the transgender debate.

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