Avon and Somerset police officer who paid for sex with prostitutes linked to organised crime is sacked

  • PC Kelly Norris paid women prostitutes for sex while he was a serving officer
  • But he recognised one escort he had slept with during their illicit encounter
  • She was someone connected to organised crime so he told his boss about it
  • PC Norris was sacked without notice following a misconduct hearing this week

A prostitute using policeman who paid for sex with escorts with links to organised crime has been sacked.

PC Kelly Norris reported himself to his supervisor when he realised he recognised the individual he had met with most recently.

The penny dropped as he clocked she was someone whose record he had seen during the course of his work.

It is understood the details suggested she had connections to organised crime. 

PC Kelly Norris had been an officer with Avon and Somerset Police but was sacked from role

The Chief Constable of Avon and Somerset Police Sarah Crew dismissed him without notice following a misconduct hearing.

She said his behaviour breached standards of professional behaviour and amounted to gross misconduct.

She said: ‘We in policing know that sex workers are often vulnerable victims of exploitation, control and physical and sexual violence.

The police officer had been someone who enjoyed paying prostitutes to have sex with them

‘As an officer, PC Norris is, or should have been, aware of these vulnerabilities yet he has chosen to engage sex workers more than once.

‘He also knew or should have known the potential for sex workers to be linked with organised crime groups and should have realised the risk this posed to his integrity as a police officer.

‘The public will be shocked to hear of a police officer paying for sexual services.

‘It is wholly unacceptable.’

PC Norris will be barred from joining any police service again.

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