Who is more Gaga? Star tells Biden rally in Pittsburgh to vote against Trump because he believes his ‘fame gives him the right to grab one of your daughters by any part of their body’ and insists Joe is a ‘good person’

  • Pop star Lady Gaga and Democratic nominee Joe Biden made a surprise visit on the University of Pittsburgh’s campus Monday afternoon 
  • Gaga is slated to headline Biden’s election eve drive-in event in Pittsburgh, in front of Heinz Field 
  • ‘Now, Lady Gaga’s going to be speaking, and I’m going to be singing,’ Biden joked to a group of students 

Pop star Lady Gaga made a pitch to a Pittsburgh crowd that they finally had a chance to make President Donald Trump pay for his infamous ‘grab ’em by the p****’ comments – by voting for Joe Biden in Pennsylvania Tuesday. 

‘Now is your chance to vote against Donald Trump, a man who believes his fame gives him the right to to grab one of your daughters or sisters or mothers or wives by any part of their body,’ the songstress told a drive-in rally in front of Heinz Field, home of the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Pitt Panthers. 

‘Vote for Joe, he’s a good person,’ she added. 

Her white piano had been set up for a performance later in the night.   

‘Now, Lady Gaga’s going to be speaking, and I’m going to be singing,’ Biden joked earlier at a surprise stop on the University of Pittsburgh’s campus. 

‘We’ve been friends for a while – I can’t thank you enough for all you’re doing,’ Biden told the pop star.  

Lady Gaga speaks to a Pittsburgh drive-in crowd in front of Heinz Field Monday night playing the role of celebrity surrogate for Joe Biden 

Biden visited Oakland with Gaga, standing underneath Pitt’s famed Cathedral of Learning, in an effort to excite young voters to come out to the polls on Election Day. 

‘You guys can own this election. You can own it. I really mean it. I’m counting on you. We’re counting on you,’ Biden told a group of students, some who were outside doing volunteer work for the Democrat’s campaign. 

Gaga wore a bedazzled ‘VOTE’ mask, a black pantsuit with a large bow and sky-high heels. She carried a fan that said ‘I’m a fan of voting for Biden and Harris,’ despite it being 39 degrees.   

‘I’m so excited. This is wonderful. Thank you everybody,’ Gaga said.  

Joe Biden (left) and Lady Gaga (right) appeared together Monday on the campus of the University of Pittsburgh, with the Cathedral of Learning peeking out behind the duo 

Joe Biden (left) talks to college students alongside Lady Gaga (right) at the University of Pittsburgh Monday 

Lady Gaga wore a bedazzled ‘VOTE’ mask as she greeted college students alongside Joe Biden in Pittsburgh’s Oakland neighborhood on Monday, Election Day eve 

Joe Biden (left) and Lady Gaga (right) walk around the University of Pittsburgh’s campus, where the Cathedral of Learning looms above them 

Democratic nominee Joe Biden takes a knee as Pitt students pose for pictures with him and pop star Lady Gaga, who will appear at a drive-in rally with Biden later Monday outside of Heinz Field 

The Jumbotrons in Pittsburgh also showed the rally Monday night in Philadelphia, which was headlined by John Legend, who brought along wife Chrissy Teigen and the couple’s two kids. Sen. Kamala Harris appeared with Legend 

On the other side of the state, John Legend will play the same role in Philadelphia and appear alongside Democratic vice presidential nominee, Kamala Harris. 

Legend backed Sen. Elizabeth Warren in the 2020 Democratic primary. 

Legend’s Philadelphia performance – and a quick speech by Patti LaBelle – were shown on the jumbotron screens at the Pittsburgh event. 

The singer brought along wife Chrissy Teigen and the couple’s two kids, who appeared onstage. Legend played ‘Never Break,’ which was inspired by Teigen, who suffered a miscarriage earlier this fall.

The celebrity surrogates were added to the schedule Sunday.    

‘Good morning PENNSYLVANIA! I’m so excited to see you today and SING for you!!!!!!!’ Gaga tweeted Monday morning, before her arrival in one of Pennsylvania’s bluest population centers. 

The announcement that she would be appearing with Biden was greeted gleefully by the Trump campaign who immediately called her an ‘anti-fracking activist.’ 

The pop star gleefully responded to a Trump campaign statement put out by Communications Director Tim Murtaugh Sunday night.  


She tagged the tweet with the hashtag for Biden-Harris. 

On Saturday, Gaga was criticized when she appeared in a video that appeared to mock ‘rednecks.’

‘Hey, this is Lady Gaga. I’m voting for America, which means I’m voting for Joe Biden,’ she says in the spot. 

The pop star is dressed in camouflage  – but with over-the-knee boots and large sunglasses – and drinks a beer as she leans on a pick-up truck.

Trump, who is concluding his five rallies in Grand Rapids, Michigan – where he ended his 2016 campaign – might find Gaga’s appearance a welcome sign, as he’s – as the New York Times recently put it – very superstitious. 

Lady Gaga also performed on behalf of Hillary Clinton at the 2016 Democratic nominee’s election eve rally. 

At an earlier Pittsburgh event, aimed at black voters in the North Point Breeze and Homewood neighborhoods, Biden appeared with a local celebrity, former Pittsburgh Steeler Franco Harris. 

The ex-senator and former vice president told the audience how the Rooney family, the owners of Pittsburgh’s six-time Super Bowl-winning NFL franchise, had been there for him after his first wife and baby daughter were killed in a car crash in 1972. 

‘The Rooney family had flown out with a few players: Rocky Bleier and Franco Harris with the footballs and no publicity,’ Biden told the crowd. ‘They spent 45 minutes with my boys. Then they got on the plane and went home.’

‘That’s who we are as a country. We look out for each other,’ Biden added.  

Biden’s wife Jill also did her part to secure the Pittsburgh-area vote by stopping by a Sheetz on Monday. The gas station chain is a favorite of Western Pennsylvanians, where there is a fierce rivaly with Philadelphia’s Wawa. 

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