A TWO-YEAR-OLD boy has died after accidentally falling into a cooking pot of scalding-hot water as his mother cleaned clothes.

Little Ivan Maletych fought for his life for ten days after suffering burns to 70 per cent of his body in the village of Susidovychi in southern Ukraine's Lviv Oblast region.

Yesterday Ivan’s condition deteriorated as his immune system shut down and he died soon.

Vasyl Savchyn, the head of the Lviv Burn Centre hospital said: “The boy had a critically low level of white blood cells and his immune system shut down.”

The boy’s mother Ivanna Maletych said to local media: “My little son Ivan has gone. He died today at 2:45 am.”

Reports say Ivan was prepared to be transported to the Shriners Hospital for Children in Boston, the US, before his condition deteriorated.

Doctor Gennadiy Fuzailov from the Boston hospital said: “The boy had 5 per cent chances of survival in Ukraine. If he had been transported to us in the first days after the incident, he could have had 30 per cent.”

Heartbreaking pictures taken by a charity volunteer showed Ivan lying on the bed covered in bandages after being hospitalised.

The incident occurred when the boy’s mother Ivanna Maletych was preparing to wash some clothes.

She heated 40 litres of water in a cooking pot, then left it on the floor of her kitchen before heading to a local supermarket to buy some bread.

Mother-of-four Mrs Maletych said to local media: “Ivan was playing in the house while his elder brother was watching cartoons.

“I think he entered the kitchen and accidentally fell into the cooking pot of boiling water. My husband was in the courtyard near the house.

“My heart is broken and I cannot forgive myself for what happened”

"He heard screams and rushed to our son.”

Mr Maletych immediately realised what had happened when he entered the kitchen after hearing his son's screams.

He took off the boy's clothes and doused the child with cold water.

Ivan was then rushed to the city of Lviv, the capital of the region, and admitted to the intensive care unit.

He was diagnosed with severe burns to 70 per cent of his body including fourth-degree burns.

A picture taken in the hospital shows Ivan lying on the bed covered in bandages soaked with blood.

Following this, doctors from the Lviv Burn Centre hospital described how they were battling to save the boy’s life.

Ivanna Maletych said: “I am constantly in the hospital with my son. Doctors say nothing on his chances of survival.

"My heart is broken and I cannot forgive myself for what happened."

Police are treating the case as an accident.

Last month, a one-year-old boy died after he fell into a bucket of boiling water his mother was using to fill a bath.


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