Bright flashes light up night sky in Ohio in spooky doorbell video

Bright flashes light up the night sky in Ohio in spooky video captured by a doorbell camera

  • Strange lights in the sky were spotted over Bethel, Ohio on Sunday
  • The red, orange and pink flashes were caught on a doorbell camera
  • So far there has been no logical explanation as to the cause of the flashing 

A father and daughter were taking out the trash on Sunday evening when they saw an almighty flash in the night sky over Ohio.

Tim Walker along with his daughter, Carolyn, were in the driveway of their Bethel home when they witnessed several brilliant flashes in the night sky. 

‘I didn’t notice it at first, but we started walking, she was like, “Dad! Look at the light in the sky! What is that?”‘ Tim said to Fox 19. ‘And if you actually see the video, I stop and actually set the trashcan down, and I’m like, “What is that?”‘

Strange lights in the sky were spotted over Bethel, Ohio on Sunday

Tim Walker tweeted the video footage of the strange sight as captured by his doorbell camera

The bizarre sight was caught on the family’s Ring doorbell camera which clearly captured the rainbow of colors in the sky including red, orange, pink and purple. 

‘In the video, you’ll see it slowly, slowly, and then it gets really bright like dusk or a firework or lightning in the background,’ Tim said. 

‘I was scared,’ Carolyn said. ‘I thought it was an explosion when I first saw it, so it made me really nervous.’

‘You see something like that, it kind of takes you back a little bit,’ Tim said. ‘You know, I was in the military. It looks like something you would see in the military.’

The pair say the sight scared them at first, yet despite the intense colors and length of the flashes they never heard a sound. 

Neither the Clermont County Emergency Management office or Bethel Police have been able to explain the strange lights, although both received numerous reports from concerned residents wondering what was happening.

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