Bully, 20, who broke his girlfriend’s nose when she miscarried and abused her because he wrongly believed she was cheating walks free from court after blaming it on being ‘IMMATURE’

  • Joseph Gallacher, 20, believed Natasha O’Callaghan, 21, was seeing other men
  • He restricted his girlfriend from seeing friends and family and called her a ‘slag’
  • Lured her to field and assaulted her after she said she had miscarried their baby
  • He forced her to go onto her mobile banking and transfer £500 to his account
  • Blamed conduct on being ‘young, immature and a little weirdo’ and avoided jail

A bully who beat up and humiliated his girlfriend during a series of childish temper tantrums has avoided jail after he blamed his thuggery on being ‘immature.’

Joseph Gallacher, 20, of Harpurhey, Manchester, would abuse student nurse Natasha O’Callaghan, 21, in the mistaken belief she was dating other men – and also broke her nose in a field after she told him she had miscarried their baby.

During a six month relationship in 2017, Gallacher, then 18, would threaten other men at her college due to jealousy and use her phone to send affectionate messages to male friends calling them ‘babe’ in attempts to elicit a response from them.

Joseph Gallacher (left), 20, abused his student nurse girlfriend Natasha O’Callaghan (right), 21

He also restricted Miss O’Callaghan from seeing her friends and family, called her a ‘slag’ and disapproved of her wearing make up and getting dressed up to go out. 

In one incident Gallacher became drunk before throwing a large candle and a TV remote at his girlfriend, then 19, when she refused his sexual advances.

Gallacher was arrested after he lured Miss O’Callaghan to a field and assaulted her after she told him about the miscarriage. During the incident he forced her to go onto her mobile banking app and transfer £500 to his bank account. 

He also stole one of her mother’s rings and sold it for £60 at a Cash Generator store.

Miss O’Callaghan was attacked in a field after she told Gallacher she had miscarried their baby

At Manchester Crown Court, Gallacher faced up to five years jail after he pleaded guilty to engaging in controlling or coercive behaviour, theft and fraud.

But he escaped with 21 months imprisonment suspended for two years after he claimed his conduct was due to being ‘young, immature and a little weirdo’.

Sentencing Judge Patrick Field QC told Gallacher: ‘You treated her with disdain and a complete lack of respect. You were repeatedly petulant and violent towards her and her property. She was belittled and she was not deserving of any of this.

‘Your behaviour is nothing short of shameful and you should feel that. It’s said you were a young man and immature. That much is evident. 

‘You had an unfortunate childhood but that does not provide an excuse but more of an explanation for your lack of maturity. This was persistent behaviour over a prolonged period.

Miss O’Callaghan (above) was restricted from seeing her friends and family by her boyfriend

‘You used multiple method of being controlling and coercive and on occasions you showed conduct intending to humiliate Miss O’Callaghan. 

‘She was in fear of violence on many occasions. Many will expect you to deserve a prison sentence but there is a realistic prospect of rehabilitation. I don’t want to see you again, but if I do, you know what will happen’.

The court heard the pair had got together in March 2017 when he was 18 and she was 19 and initially the pair were happy.

But prosecutor Charlotte Rimmer said: ‘Something changed and he began threatening men at her college due to jealousy, he would have use of her phone and send language such as ‘babe’ to other men and wait to see what response was.

‘He restricting her from seeing her family and friends, he restricted her being with others, he used abusive language towards her such as ‘slag’, he disapproved of her wearing make up and getting dressed up to go out.

The pair had got together in March 2017 when he was 18 and Miss O’Callaghan (above) was 19

‘One incident involved the defendant who had returned home drunk, throwing a large candle at the complainant when she refused his sexual advances. 

‘He also threw a TV remote control at her, which hit her in the right shin which caused her pain and resulted in a black bruise.

‘On another occasion he grabbed and pulled her hair during an argument. Thereafter when they returned home, he shouted in her face, swore at her and used abusive language towards her.

‘He also was abusive to the complainant as she woke up after checking her phone as she was sleeping. On another occasion he smashed her iPod in response of her going to the pub with her sister in law. There was also an attempt made at flushing the dress she was wearing down the toilet. ‘

‘The final incident occurred when the complainant called the defendant to discuss her miscarriage. They met outside a doctor’s surgery but he asked her go to the canal with him then follow her to a nearby field. 

Gallagher threw a TV remote control at Miss O’Callaghan (above), which hit her in the shin

‘She felt obliged to go but she was reluctant and she knew he would go through her phone.

‘She sat down on a small wall and before she knew it, he hit her twice in the face with his right arm. She thought it could have either been a punch or a slap. 

‘She started to cry and her nose was bleeding, she pleaded that she needed to go to hospital as she feared her nose was broken. She did later attend hospital and it was confirmed as a suspected nose fracture.

‘She asked to go to the hospital but she was met with a response from him to ‘shut up’. She tried to get away by running away but the defendant ran after her and caught up with her. 

‘He told her to log in to her online banking on her mobile phone and under pressure, she sent two transactions electronically of £500 in total to the defendant’s bank account.

‘She didn’t want to but she felt she had to do so. She was then instructed to clean herself up, there was still some blood on her nose and the defendant didn’t want anyone seeing. 

Gallacher had faced up to five years in prison for charges included theft and fraud

‘At that stage he threatened to kill her or himself. They then went to the cash machine at Home Bargains and the defendant withdrew £200 from his account.

‘The complainant then ran from the scene and hid in a bush and called the police. When the police attended they noted she was crying and very distressed. 

‘She had reddening on the left cheek, swelling above the right eye and bruising and swelling to the nose.’

Gallacher, who was in custody on remand for nine months, had various previous convictions including assault occasioning actual bodily harm and criminal damage.

Defence lawyer William Staunton said: ‘At the time of the offending he was a young man and he was immature. His description of himself was that he has become a ‘little weirdo’. 

‘He is now sober and his uncle wants him to work with him as a painter and decorator. There is an element of remorse – his family hardly look at him due to his actions’.

Gallacher was also ordered to complete a domestic abuse programme, 200 hours unpaid work and pay compensation of £500 to Miss O’Callaghan. He was also made subject of a restraining order for five years. 

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