Car bomb kills 13 in Syrian border town, Turkey blames Kurds

A car bomb killed 13 people Saturday in a market in the Northern Syria border town of Tal Abyad.

No one immediately claimed responsibility for the attack, which also wounded about 20. Turkey’s Defense Ministry blamed the Syrian Kurdish YPG militia, the group it targeted when it sent troops over the border Oct. 9.

A spokesman for the main Kurdish-led force in Syria, Mustafa Bali, blamed Turkey for the blast, stating that Turkey and the Syrian fighters it backs “are now creating chaos” in Tal Abyad, which was captured last month by Turkey-backed gunmen, to displace the Kurds who live in the town. “Turkey is responsible for civilian casualties in the region it controls,” Bali tweeted, The Associated Press reported.

Tel Abyad is one of two major border towns that saw the heaviest fighting when Ankara launched its incursion.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said pro-Turkey fighters and civilians were among the dead and injured.

The explosion came a day after Turkish and Russian troops began joint ground patrols under a deal between the two countries that pushed the YPG from Turkey’s border, Reuters reported.

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