Carer, 32,faces jail after being caught stealing cash from grandmother

Carer, 32, faces jail after family use hidden camera to catch her stealing cash from bed-bound dementia-hit grandmother, 81, in care home

  • Stuart Vaizey, 36, installed a CCTV after his grandmother reported missing cash 
  • Carer Kerry Claridge, 32, was caught going through the 81-year-old’s purse
  • The single mother pleaded guilty and was warned she faced jail term

A carer is facing jail after she was caught red-handed on a hidden camera stealing money from an 81-year old, bed-bound dementia-hit grandmother in a care home. 

A concerned grandson Stuart Vaizey, 36, decided to install the spy camera at sheltered housing in Portsmouth, Hants, to catch the carer Kerry Claridge, 32, stealing from his bed-bound grandmother’s purse.  

And the video clearly showed her stealing from 81-year-old widow Joyce Cooper, who has dementia and had suffered a stroke.  

Mrs Cooper’s  family installed a hidden camera to catch the carer (pictured)  stealing cash from her purse

The grandmother-of-three reported missing cash, prompting her grandsonw to turn detective. 

Portsmouth Magistrates’ Court heard footage captured after the victim returned home from hospital having suffering a stroke showed Claridge, 32, going through her belongings. 

Mr Vaizey went to confront the thief, but she fled from a back door.

Going through the recordings later, he found another theft that had taken place a month earlier. 

When later questioned by police, the single mother from Southsea, Hants admitted a third theft before the CCTV was set up. 

The court was told she stole £50 on one occasion, cigarettes on another one and  unknown value on a third occasion.

The single mother pleaded guilty and was warned she faced jail term when she is sentenced 

Mr Vaizey said after the hearing: ‘I’m absolutely disgusted as carers are put in a position of trust and should feel compassion for the old people they work with – not choose to steal from people who are vulnerable and have dementia. 

‘I needed to see if my nan was spending it or if it was a member of the family, or if it was indeed the care staff,’ he said.

‘We shouldn’t have to do things like this – it’s a supposedly safe secure environment for elderly people and I feel that this should never happen to people like this.

Stuart Vaizey, 36  installed a hidden camera after his grandmother reported missing cash

The footage shows carer Kerry Claridge, 32, going through the 81- year old’s belongings

‘It’s been hard for the family as there have been accusations that it could have been them. 

‘It’s been extremely affecting my nan – people stopped going to see her as they felt they were being blamed.

‘She says it’s horrible. She thought the carer was a nice girl as she always tried to be nice to her.’

Magistrates warned Claridge could face a jail term when she is sentenced on December 9.

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