Claire Foy’s ‘delusional’ stalker is ordered to stay away from The Crown star for five years after emailing her thousands of times and knocking on her door

  • Claire Foy, 38, who played the Queen for Netflix was stalked by Jason Penrose
  • Penrose, 39, sent over 1000 emails including one referring to her being raped
  • He emailed publicist and sister while terrorising her in November and December
  • Stalker released from Highgate Mental Health Centre but cannot be near Ms Foy

Claire Foy’s ‘delusional’ stalker has today been ordered to stay away from The Crown actress for five years after he sent her thousands of emails and knocked on her door. 

Jason Penrose, 39, sent her an email claiming to be a director wanting her to star in his next film before sending over 1,000 explicit emails including one referring to the actress being raped and brutalised.

Emails were also sent to Ms Foy’s publicist, Emma Jackson and Ms Foy’s sister. 

Ms Foy, 38, who played a young Queen Elizabeth II in the first two series of the hit Netflix show, was terrorised by Jason Penrose, 39, in November and December last year. 

Penrose, who gave his address as Highgate Mental Health Centre, was accompanied by NHS workers at Highbury Corner Magistrates’ Court in London today, July 22, where the full stalking protection order (SPO) was granted. 

Foy, who starred in the Crown (pictured), was referenced in emails allegedly sent by Penrose to her agent and publicist which contained explicit content

Penrose allegedly showed up at Claire Foy’s home on December 17 last year – at which point the actress called the police reporting he was outside and ringing on her doorbell constantly

She was horrified when American Penrose turned up at her home on 17 December last year and repeatedly rang her doorbell.

Ms Foy called the police, who arrested Penrose.

The actress played the Queen in the first two series of the Netflix’s hit show and has won a Golden Globe, two Emmy Awards and two Screen Actors Guild Awards.

She was granted an interim Stalking Protection Order earlier this year, but despite the order Penrose sent her another letter and a parcel from mental hospital where he was being treated.

Ella Crine, prosecuting, told Highbury Magistrate’s Court: ‘The position of the police is that they wanted an order in indefinite terms.

‘They’ve now asked for an order for five years in order to seek agreement with the respondent and allow this matter to proceed.

‘Obviously there are great concerns on behalf of the complainant, due to the nature of the communications.

‘It has affected her daily life.’

Penrose is currently detained at Highgate Mental Health Centre, but this has caused concerns because it is located in the ‘exclusion area’ of the Protection Order.

Moira Macfarlane, for Penrose, said: ‘At the moment he cannot leave hospital because of the terms of the interim order.

‘He is, at the moment, fit to leave hospital but, because the order is in place and where the hospital is, he cannot travel outside of it.

‘He is now fit for release. I’m told the only reason he’s in hospital is because of this order preventing him from leaving there.’

Ms Crine said: ‘Camden have been saying, though we doubt it, that they are unable to transfer him into any other borough or mental health NHS Trust facility because he has no locus to be anywhere else having not been resident in the UK.

‘He was sectioned in Camden because he was arrested at the home of Ms Foy.

‘We have found ourselves in the slightly complicated circumstance of trying to find a way to assist Camden NHS in finding him accommodation and being able to discharge him at some point, whilst also trying to protect the complainant in this case who has obviously gone through a deeply frightening experience.’

Ms Macfarlane said Penrose insists he ‘is no risk and no danger to any of the parties named’ and criticised the police for the two year delay in bringing the matter to court.

She also corrected reports that Penrose himself had threatened to rape Ms Foy, claiming he had simply ‘commented’ that someone else might.

Penrose was said to have sent Ms Jackson explicit emails, writing about ‘wanting her to be his girlfriend’, according to court papers.

One email read: ‘If they f*** raped Claire in the a** and bruised her inner thighs, she could get lots of cheap magazine covers or a hundred-dollar f***dates in Europe.’ 

In another, on November 2, he allegedly said: ‘I’m sorry I think Claire(‘s) policy should be not talking about any personal stuff in media and only creative business.’

Ms Jackson forwarded the emails to Ms Foy’s agent, who had also received messages but had blocked the account.

Imposing a five year Stalking Protection Order, District Judge Michael Oliver said: ‘I am sure, based on the evidence, that Mr Penrose has carried out acts associated with stalking.

‘Thousands of emails were sent to Ms Foy and, one on occasion, Mr Penrose attended at her home address and there are other incidences of stalking as well.

‘I am also sure that Mr Penrose poses a risk associated with stalking and there is evidence…that, since the interim order was made on the 7 February, a letter was sent on 17 February whilst he was in hospital and a parcel sent on 25 February.

‘I am satisfied that an order is necessary.

‘It appears that Mr Penrose has been receiving treatment and imminently will be well enough to be discharged from hospital.

‘It appears that the reason for the conduct was a delusional belief Mr Penrose had about Ms Foy.

‘I have also taken into account the profound effect this conduct has had on Ms Foy, and indeed Ms Jackson.

‘An order is clearly necessary and proportionate to protect them.

‘It appears that Mr Penrose is well enough to understand the terms of any order.

‘He admitted sending the emails and attending at the address.

‘This was sustained and repeated conduct and it appears the trigger of it was a delusional belief.

‘It’s good Mr Penrose has received treatment and the medical evidence suggests that may result in desisting from this conduct, however Ms Foy and Ms Jackson are entitled to protection from further acts of stalking.

‘I am satisfied, on the facts of this case that it is proportionate to impose an order for a period of five years.’

Imposing a five year Stalking Protection Order at Highbury Magistrates Court, District Judge Michael Oliver said: ‘I am sure, based on the evidence, that Mr Penrose has carried out acts associated with stalking. It appears that the reason for the conduct was a delusional belief Mr Penrose had about Ms Foy

Addressing Penrose directly, Judge Oliver said: ‘In very broad terms, you are to have nothing whatsoever to do with Ms Foy or Ms Jackson.

‘You cannot contact either of them, directly or indirectly.

‘You’re not permitted to enter the exclusion zone, except for [underground travel, Kings Cross train station, and legal and medical appointments].

‘You must not go anywhere where you know or suspect either of those ladies to be…You steer well clear.’

Penrose is also required to notify police within three days should he acquire any device capable of internet connection, open a social media account, or get a new phone number.

The police will be allowed ‘reasonable access’ to check he has not breached any terms of his order using these devices.

Penrose, wearing a white shirt, black jeans and his hair in a ponytail, spoke only to confirm his understanding of these terms.

The CPS have not yet decided whether to bring criminal charges against Penrose, insisting they wait until they know the specifics of this order.

Ms Macfarlane said she thought ‘charges are likely coming’ and complained the defence were unable to ‘test the evidence fully at the moment’.

Penrose was returned to Highgate Mental Health Centre, subject to the prohibitions in the order.

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