The gunman who launched a bloodbath that killed six people at a Colorado birthday party was angry because he hadn’t been invited, cops said Tuesday.

Cold-blooded Colorado Springs killer Teodoro Macias, 28, had been dating one of the victims for roughly a year — and was incensed when her family failed to ask him over for the gig, police said at a press conference.

Macias, known to be the jealous and controlling type, wielded a Smith & Wesson handgun and two 15-round magazines when he fatally gunned down his victims in a mobile-home park early Sunday.

Cops recovered 17 spent shells at the scene.

The murderer fatally shot himself after unleashing his carnage at the celebration-turned-nightmare, where three kids, including a 2-year-old, had gathered along with about seven adults, authorities said. The children were uninjured.

The scope of the horror wasn’t immediately known to responding cops, according to recordings of the police dispatch calls to the scene. 

At first, a dispatcher tells responders, “Police on scene are advising that there are four victims and that you are clear to go in.” 

The shaken dispatcher then says, “The sergeant on the scene is saying that medical is cleared to enter for all six patients. … They’re saying we have six.”

Among those slain were Macias’s girlfriend, Sandra Ibarra, her sister, Mayra Perez, and brother Jose Ibarra. 

Other victims included Mayra’s husband, Melvin Perez — whose birthday was being celebrated along with that of his younger sister, Nuvia Marquez. 

Nuvia survived, but the siblings’ mother, Joana Cruz, did not, nor did another brother, Jose Guitierrez.“We’re all in shock,” said weeping neighbor Gladys Bustos. “How can this happen here? This is all so painful, so devastating, so overwhelming.”She called Cruz, who owned the home where the slay spree occurred, “an incredibly pleasant woman, very beautiful, happy all the time.“She loved to chat. And she was very proud of her family,” Bustos recalled.

Local police Lt. Joe Frabelle said Macias had no known prior arrests, nor any domestic-violence complaints against him.

The murder weapon had been bought from an area gun shop in 2014, although not by the shooter, Frabelle said. It had not been reported stolen.

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