Couple who left their newborn baby in the car while they shopped in B&M are given ‘strong words of advice’ by police

  • Police were alerted by a concerned member of public who spotted the newborn
  • The parents failed to return to the car even after staff made an announcement 
  • A member of the public managed to break into the car and check on the baby 

A couple have been let off with ‘strong words’ after they left a newborn baby alone in a car while they shopped.

A concerned member of public rang police after spotting the helpless child without any adults nearby, outside a store in Middlesborough.

The parents were shopping in B&M and failed to go back to the car even after a worker made an store announcement during the incident on Thursday at around 1.40pm. 

Police confirmed that it was a total of 11 minutes from the time they were rang to when the baby was reunited with the parents.

The new born baby was found left alone inside a car as the parents shopped in B&M in Middlesborough

By the time officers arrived, a member of the public had managed to open the vehicle to check the child’s welfare.

A spokeswoman for Cleveland Police said the baby’s parents were located shortly afterwards and were given ‘strong words of advice’ about leaving their child unattended in a car.

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