Currys customer finds a delivery note calling her a ‘psycho’

Shocked Currys customer finds a delivery note calling her a ‘psycho’ after she asked the company to be careful when dropping off her new fridge

  • Lynn Reid is a ‘very unhappy customer’ since she found the note on August 17
  • It failed to arrive at her shared home in North Lanarkshire, Scotland
  • The note warned the delivery driver to be careful as the homeowner is a ‘psycho’ 
  • She says even though her wife is not ‘mentally ill’ it should ‘never [be] noted’

A loyal Currys customer has revealed that she was called a ‘psycho’ on a delivery note and has been left ‘very unhappy’. 

Lynn Reid, was horrified to see the insult printed on the delivery instructions for a new fridge on August 17.

The note said: ‘New front door or customer will go ballistic [note she’s a psycho].’

‘She’s a psycho’: Lynn Reid is astounded after discovering the delivery note of her new fridge which warns the courier that she is psychotic on August 17. A store assistant has claimed that Lynn and her partner Kirsty Reid asked for the information to be put on the note

Lynn says she and her partner Kirsty Reid, 35, asked that the company take care when delivering the fridge as their front door is one week old and was damaged before.

After the delivery men were unable to transport the fridge upstairs, the couple from Law, North Lanarkshire in Scotland, decided to return the item and it was then they made the outrageous discovery.

A furious Lynn took to Facebook to vent her frustrations with the retailer.

The electronics company has been given support on social media from people who say it was probably one of the partner’s who wrote the delivery note and it ‘might just be the best thing I’ve ever seen’

‘Very concerning to see’: Currys asks Lynn to ‘accept my apologies’ and says they are investigating further

She posted a photo of the note with the caption: ‘This comment has been left on my delivery receipt in reference to my wife, one very unhappy customer.’

Speaking today Lynn said: ‘I just want it to be known that this can’t happen, and if my wife was mentally ill which she isn’t, it should never have been noted in any shape or form.’

She claims she is ‘even more angry’ after speaking to a store assistant who said Lynn and her partner told them to put the information in the delivery note.

Please email [email protected] 

Lynn added: ‘To save his position he is now lying and doesn’t have the decency to be honest!’

Currys responded to her post: ‘Hi Lynn. This is very concerning to see, Please accept my apologies. So that we can take a look into this can you please PMS you full name, address and any reference numbers that you may have.’ 

Despite the insult, social media users appear to find the matter amusing.

Maria Brown said: ‘Currys, give them a pay rise.’

Cam Wellstead added: ‘So you called your wife a psycho and got busted? This might just be the best thing I’ve ever seen.’

Kirk Allen said: ‘You should be more concerned that she’s psychotic.’ 

And Sarah Plant wrote: ‘When the order was placed one of you clearly mentioned you have a new front door, and if it gets damaged your wife wouldn’t be happy. So they’re just making sure your message is passed through.’

Lynn is not the first person to receive an insulting delivery note.

In 2016 a mother from Bromley in London was shocked when she received a note from Hermes delivery that read: ‘Left at [house number] 22. Maybe you should stop ordering online as you are never there.’

Lisa Jane Watson also received angry note from an Amazon driver in 2017 that said: ‘Pick up yer fone in future. Messed me about. You wasted half an hour cos of you.’

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