Dominic Cummings set to claim Boris Johnson was fan of discredited Covid herd immunity policy early in pandemic

DOMINIC Cummings is set to claim the PM was a fan of the discredited herd immunity ­policy early in the pandemic.

The former top adviser is due to discuss the Government response with MPs on May 26.

It is thought he will spill the beans on the ten days in March last year when Mr Johnson and his advisers were resisting a lockdown.

ITV’s Robert Peston writes in today’s Spectator of his blogpost at the time about the PM and his aides’ initial approach to Covid.

Peston says: “The blog, which generated a lot of noise, said the Government was ­pursuing a strategy of allowing the virus to pass through the population in a slow and steady way so that we acquired ‘herd immunity’.

“What I wrote was the prevailing view of the PM, his ministers and his scientific advisers.”

Mr Peston says Mr Cummings will say “this was the moment the penny dropped for him that the NHS would struggle to cope” — and the PM was then talked into lockdown.

The minutes of a Sage meeting on 13 March, after Mr Peston's bombshell blog, said: “Sage was unanimous that measures seeking to completely suppress spread of Covid-19 will cause a second peak.

“Sage advises that it is a near certainty that countries such as China, where heavy suppression is under way, will experience a second peak once measures are relaxed."

Mr Cummings will make an appearance in front of MPsto discuss the "lessons learned" from the pandemic.

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