Donald Trump comforts Ivanka at her mother Ivana’s funeral as the pair are seen together for first time in SEVEN MONTHS after row over election fraud claims and her January 6 testimony

  • Former President Trump, 76, was seen putting an arm on a visibly upset Ivanka’s arm as the pair waited to leave the funeral home 
  • Both Donald and Ivanka, 40, looked sunken with grief as they waited at the funeral home 
  • Ivanka was known as Donald’s favorite child before their public spat over the 2020 Presidential Election
  • She and her husband Jared Kushner served as senior advisers in the Trump administration
  • The January 6 committee aired a portion of her testimony, in which she said there was ‘no evidence’ of the election votes being fraudulent

Donald Trump was seen comforting his daughter Ivanka at Ivana Trump’s funeral, the first time that the pair have been seen together in seven months.

The Trump family gathered in New York City to bid farewell to Ivana, Donald’s first wife and the mother of his three oldest children who died last week at the age of 73.

Both Donald, 76, and Ivanka, 40, looked sunken with grief as they waited at the funeral home before making their way to St. Vincent Ferrer Church on Lexington Avenue.

Former First Lady Melania Trump, his third wife, also attended the funeral, after maintaining a publicly cordial relationship with Ivana and welcomed her to family events.

The children and their families gathered at the church steps to welcome the gold casket inside to start Ivana’s ‘Celebration of Life’ service.

Former President Trump was seen putting an arm on a visibly upset Ivanka’s arm as the pair waited to leave the funeral home.

It is the first time that Trump and his daughter have been seen together in seven months since their public falling out over the 2020 Presidential election.

They were pictured having a Christmas Eve dinner at their private club Mar-a-Lago, in Palm Beach, Florida, with Melania and Ivanka’s husband Jared Kushner last year. 

Before that, Donald and Ivanka were last seen together in January 2021, on the tarmac at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland.

Donald was pictured comforting his daughter at Ivana Trumps funeral, after the pair had a public falling out over the 2020 Presidential Election

Both Ivanka and Donald looked somber as they gathered in New York City to bid farewell to Ivana at St. Vincent Ferrer Church on Lexington Avenue

Donald and Melania Trump had Christmas Eve dinner with Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump, on the right, last year

He reached out to his eldest daughter, 40, as they waited on the steps of the funeral home to head to the service in the Upper East Side

Ivanka Trump has her arm around Jared Kushner (left) as President Trump speaks to a guest at the event at Mar-a-Lago’s in Palm Springs

Donald Trump emerges from the church with his grandson Joseph, Ivanka, Eric, Melania, Don Jr., Jared Kushner and Barron 

Trump previously went on a length rant attacking the committee investigating the January 6 attack on the US Capitol after he tried to overturn President Joe Biden’s 2020 electoral victory. 

Ivanka was always considered Trump’s favorite child before the spat, after she said there was ‘no evidence’ of her father winning the election.

The January 6 committee aired a portion of her testimony, in which the Former First Daughter did appear to throw him under the bus.

The day after her comments came to light, he responded to the claims that his daughter did not believe there had been widespread voter fraud. 

He said: ‘Ivanka Trump was not involved in looking at, or studying, election results.

‘She had long since checked out and was, in my opinion, only trying to be respectful to Bill Barr and his position as attorney General. He sucked!’

Both Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner served as senior advisers in the Trump administration.

She previously appeared to support her father, saying that ‘every single vote needs to be counted, and needs to be heard.’

It comes ahead of the released of a British documentary by Alex Holder being released after working on a project on Trump’s 2020 reelection campaign.

He had extensive access to the then-president, his adult children and Vice President Mike Pence in the final weeks and months of the campaign and his presidency.

Ivanka Trump with Donald, Melania and the rest of the family on Wednesday, leaving the funeral home 

L-R: Kai Trump, 15, with Donald and Melania Trump, Barron, Ivanka, six-year-old Joseph, and Eric Trump after the funeral of Ivana Trump on Wednesday 

Ivana Trump was last seen on June 22, walking around the Upper East Side with the help of an assistant (left). She is pictured, right, in Paris in 1991

Today marks the first time that the pair have been seen publicly together, with Trump openly comforting his eldest daughter at Ivana’s funeral. 

Heartbroken Ivanka paid tribute to her mother, calling her ‘brilliant, charming, passionate and wickedly funny.’

She said Ivana, who was also mother to her eldest brothers Donald Jr and Eric, ‘modelled strength, tenacity and determination in her every action’ and had ‘lived life to the fullest’.

Both Ivanka and Eric spoke at the service at St. Vincent Ferrer Church on the Upper East Side in front of 100 mourners.

Ivanka told the funeral: ‘Growing up, my mother didn’t tell me a woman could do anything she wanted to — she showed me.

‘She was a trailblazer by men and women alike. My mother once told me there was nothing she couldn’t do in heels.

‘She taught us how to spear fish and then cook what we caught. My mom expanded our minds.’

Before the funeral she shared stunning pictures of the pair and the rest of their family from when they were growing up, including of her when she was young kissing her mom on a golden bed.

The church hosting her funeral is a stone’s throw from the townhouse on 64th Street where Ivana lived for 26 years and where she was discovered at the bottom of the stairs last week.

NYPD barricades wreathed round the block between Lexington Avenue and East 65th and 66th on Wednesday while trucks from Greenscape Designs unloaded by the side entrance.

Officers and secret service agents consulted with each other and paced the sidewalk as members of the church choir began to arrive shortly after 11am.

Donald and Melania entered the church through a side door with their son Barron, waving to supporters in the streets who yelled ‘we love you!’ before making their way inside.

After the service, the family is expected to travel to New Jersey afterwards for a private reception at Trump National Golf Club Bedminster.

The Trump family waits somberly for the casket of Ivana Trump to be carried into the church in New York City on Wednesday 

Ivana Trump’s gold casket is carried into St. Vincent Ferrer Church on Lexington Avenue followed by the Trump family

Don Jr. and his ex-wife Vanessa comforted their crying eight-year-old Chloe while Ivanka kept a protective hand over her youngest son, six-year-old Joseph. Eric Trump and his wife Lara brought their two young children, Eric, four, and Carolina, two, who watched in silence as their grandmother’s casket was brought past them.

A glamorous woman with a penchant for younger men, skiing and dancing, Ivana’s ‘Celebration of Life’ service on Wednesday attracted socialites from New York City, Palm Beach and Europe.

Earlier in the day, Ivanka and Jared were spotted in Central Park, taking a break from their morning jog to admire Bethesda Fountain.

Former President Donald Trump flew in to New York from Florida with former First Lady Melania earlier this week after announcing Ivana’s death with a heartfelt statement on behalf of the family.

In another touching tribute to his former wife last night, he told long-term friend Cindy Adams, a columnist for The New York Post: ‘She was outstanding. Beautiful inside and out. We began all of it, our lives together, with such a great relationship.’

The funeral service was billed as a ‘Celebration of Life’ to honor Ivana, a Czechoslovakian skier turned model who moved to America at the dawn of the 70s and became one of New York’s most iconic first wives.

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