Donald Trump positive about polls ahead of 10-rally election blitz

‘Our numbers are looking VERY good’: Trump touts his chances for a second term as new polls show Biden leading in four swing states and he kicks off two-day, seven state, 10 rally swing in final 24 hours of race

  • President Trump kicks off last 24 hours of presidential race with a two-day, seven state campaign swing with 10 rallies on his schedule
  • Trump started his day with positive sounding tweets about his poll numbers even as new polling showed Joe Biden leading in battleground states 
  • ‘Our numbers are looking VERY good all over,’ Trump wrote
  •  Trump to spend Sunday in Michigan, Iowa, North Carolina, Georgia, and Florida
  • Biden will hold two campaign events in Philadelphia on Sunday 

President Donald Trump on Sunday bragged ‘the radical left is going down’ and touted his ‘very good’ poll numbers as he kicked off a two-day, seven state, 10 rally campaign swing in the final 24 hours of the presidential race.

Trump started his day with a series of positive sounding tweets as he fights for a second term in the White House and polls show Democratic rival Joe Biden in the lead.

‘Our numbers are looking VERY good all over. Sleepy Joe is already beginning to pull out of certain states. The Radical Left is going down!,’ Trump wrote as new polls out Sunday morning showed Biden ahead in several critical battleground states.

And the president had a special message for Michigan, which will be his first stop of the day, touting his economic record there after Barack Obama trashed him during campaign stops for Biden in Flint and Detroit on Saturday.

‘When I originally became your all time favorite President, the Great State of Michigan was hemorrhaging car companies and jobs. Plants were closing and moving to Mexico, and other places. No new plants for decades. I stopped the moves, & now many plants are and have been built,’ Trump wrote.

‘The place was a mess and would have lost much more business if I hadn’t come along. Many new plants are starting. Foreign countries and companies now treat the USA, and Michigan, with respect. Big jobs plans. Please remember this when you go to cast your very important vote!,’ he added. 

President Donald Trump kicks off last 24 hours of presidential race with a two-day, seven state campaign swing with 10 rallies on his schedule

In a blistering denouncement of his successor on Saturday, Obama criticized Trump’s job record to Michigan voters during a stop in the critical battleground state. 

He pointed out he and Biden fought for the auto industry – which is huge in Michigan – during the economic recession. He said Trump has lost manufacturing jobs.

‘The economic damage inflicted by botching the pandemic response means he’ll be the only president since Herbert Hoover, to actually lose jobs,’ Obama said of Trump. ‘Herbert Hoover. That’s a long time ago.’

Trump will spend Sunday in Michigan, Iowa, North Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. He’ll sleep at his golf club in Doral before Monday’s swing to North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin.

Biden will spend Sunday and Monday in Pennsylvania. Trump held four rallies in that state on Saturday. He’ll have daughters Ivanka and Tiffany there on Sunday.

New polling out Sunday shows Biden running strong in the last two days of the election. 

A new Washington Post/ABC News poll has Biden up in Pennsylvania by seven points: 51 per cent to 44 per cent.

But the poll has Trump leading in his home state of Florida although by two points: 50 per cent to Biden’s 48 per cent. Trump needs Florida in his column if he wants a second term. 

Biden, meanwhile, leads in four critical states in a new New York Times/Siena College poll: Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Florida, and Arizona.

He is up 11 points in Wisconsin (52 per cent to Trump’s 41), six points in Pennsylvania (49 per cent to Trump’s 43), three points in Florida (47 per cent to Trump’s 44), and 6 points in Arizona (49 per cent to Trump’s 43). 

Biden leads by seven points in the RealClearPolitics polling average on the presidential race. 

Trump is repeating the closing arguments that helped him win the White House four years ago – labeling his opponent as ‘corrupt’ and arguing he is an outsider beholden to no one.

But Biden is not Hillary Clinton, Trump’s 2016 foe, and the charges are a little harder to stick. 

The president has expressed repeated frustration that the media is not covering allegations against Hunter Biden like they covered Clinton’s emails. 

‘Joe Biden is a corrupt politician,’ the president said at a rally in Arizona on Wednesday. ‘But Big Tech will not allow that to be said and the media will not say it.’ 

He told a crowd in Montoursville, Pa., on Saturday night: ‘You elected an outsider as president.’

‘If I don’t sound like a typical Washington politician it’s because I’m not a politician,’ he continued. ‘I don’t always play by the rules of Washington and the Washington establishment. It’s because I was elected to fight for you.’

Both campaigns are spending most of the final few days of the campaign in the Midwest. 

The White House on Sunday morning before President Trump left for his campaign swing

Former President Barack Obama, campaigning for Joe Biden in Michigan on Saturday, trashed President Trump’s economic record 

Joe Biden will hold two campaign events in Philadelphia on Sunday

President Donald Trump held four campaign rallies in Pennsylvania on Saturday 

Trump will begin Sunday in Washington, Michigan, where is trying to replicate his 2016 win when the states there put him in the White House. 

Democrats are trying to rebuild their ‘blue wall’ – a set of Midwest states that were reliably in their corner until Trump won them four years ago.

The Trump victory there left the party shocked and stunned – a situation they do not want to revisit this year.  

Those states include Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. Trump won them by a point or two, leaving Democrats hopeful that Biden – long a champion of the blue-collar worker – can win them back.  

Biden brought former President Barack Obama to him in Michigan on Saturday where the two made their first joint campaign appearance together with rallies in Flint and Detroit. 

‘Guess what Mr President, I’m coming for you,’ Biden said to cheers from the crowd in Detroit.

Obama made it clear what was at stake on November 3.

‘Three days Detroit. Three days until the most important election of our lifetimes,’ he said. ‘And that includes mine, which was pretty important.’  

Trump will be back in Michigan for two rallies on Monday. Ivanka Trump will also campaign there on Monday.

After his Michigan stop on Sunday, Trump moves to Iowa – a state he won by 10 points in 2016 and wants to keep in his corner.

From there he’ll bounce to Hickory, North Carolina, before moving down to Rome, Georgia and ending the night in Miami.

Democrats are trying to flip Georgia their way this year. Obama will be there on Monday to help the party. 

Recent polls have shown Biden in the lead but the race is tight. Obama is expected to try and rally people to the polls while Trump will do the same in his address.

But Trump will conclude his first day in his new home state of Florida, a state he needs to win if he wants a second term in office. 

He brought Melania Trump with him to a rally there on Thursday. Several other family members – including Donald Trump Jr and Ivanka Trump – have campaigned for him in the state. 

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