Election day voting underway: Long lines form as polling places open

America heads to the polls: Long lines form as polling places open across the United States with election day voting now underway

Americans have started heading to polling places across the United States to cast their election day ballots as they decide between Donald Trump or Joe Biden.

Polls began opening early on Tuesday following a campaign like no other in the US due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. 

Record numbers of Americans – nearly 100 million – have already cast their ballots early due to concerns over Postal Service delays and worries about COVID-10 spreading through crowded polling places.

Now it falls to election day voters to finish the job, ending a campaign that was upended by the pandemic and defined by tensions over who could best address it.

Biden has had a strong and consistent lead in national polls but Trump is close in enough swing states to possibly piece together the 270 state-by-state Electoral College votes needed to hold on to the presidency.

However, it may be days before the result is known, especially if legal challenges focused on postal ballots are accepted in the event of a tight race. 

There is also fear about possible unrest with several cities boarding up buildings in anticipation of possible protests, including around the White House and in New York City. 

Polls opened in some Eastern states at 6am EST. 

The most closely watched results will start to trickle in after 7pm EST when polls close in states such as Georgia.

Definitive national results, however, could take days if the contest is tight. 

PALM BEACH, FLORIDA: People stand in line to vote at the Morton and Barbara Mandel Recreation Center first thing Tuesday morning on the last day to cast their vote for either Trump or Biden

LANSING, MICHIGAN: Voters in Lansing lined up outside Willow School before sunrise on election day

MIAMI, FLORIDA: Voter lined up around the block at John F. Kennedy Library first thing Tuesday morning to cast their votes

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA: Voters check in at First Ward Elementary School in Charlotte, North Carolina shortly after the polls opened on election day

LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY: Voters check in with election officials before receiving their ballots at Ballard High School

COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA: Polls opened in some Eastern states at 6am EST. The most closely watched results will start to trickle in after 7pm EST when polls close in states such as Georgia

PORTLAND, MAINE: People wait in line to vote in Maine first thing Tuesday morning

LANSING, MICHIGAN: Dozens of voters wearing masks cast their ballots at Willow School in Lansing

HILLSBORO, VIRGINIA: Voters wait in line at a polling location at the Old Stone School in Hillsboro

NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA: Voters arrive at St. Maria Goretti Church where five voting precincts are located as polls open

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