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Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has told Russian President Vladimir Putin that the international community should give Israel a “strong and deterrent lesson” for its actions against the Palestinians, according to reports.

The Turkish Presidential Communications Directorate said the two leaders talked by phone Wednesday about the conflict. Erdoğan emphasized the need for “the international community to give Israel a strong and deterrent lesson” and called on the U.N. Security Council to step in with “determined and clear messages” to Israel, according to Turkish officials.

He also suggested to Putin that an international protection force should be considered to shield the Palestinians, The Associated Press reported. 

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan shake hands during their talks at the Kremlin on March 5, 2020, in Moscow, Russia. (Photo by Mikhail Svetlov/Getty Images)

Erdoğan previously condemned Israel’s over recent actions, calling the country a “cruel terrorist state.”

“Israel, the cruel terrorist state, attacks the Muslims in Jerusalem, whose only concern is to protect their homes and their sacred values, in a savage manner devoid of ethics,” Erdoğan said, according to VOA.

His comments came as hundreds of protesters gathered at Israel’s consulate in Istanbul Monday following violent clashes between Israeli police and Palestinian worshippers around the Al-Aqsa mosque.

Those at the protest chanted, “Down with Israel, down with America,” Reuters reported. 

Erdoğan also spoke to Middle East leaders about the rising violence. He told King Abdullah of Jordan that “inhumane” attacks against Palestinians were directed at all Muslims and that Turkey and Jordan needed to come together to stop them, according to the news organization. 

On Wednesday, Israeli forces and Palestinian militants continued to engage in the largest conflict between the two groups since the 2014 war.

At least 69 Palestinians, including 16 children and six women have been killed in the fighting, Gaza’s Health Ministry said. A total of seven people have been killed in Israel, including four people who died on Wednesday. They included a soldier killed by an anti-tank missile and a 6-year-old child hit in a rocket attack.

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