AN EXTINCTION Rebellion protester has one topless again – joining crowds in London today calling for climate change action.

Laura Amherst, 31, had her assets on show as she held a sign reading "Extinction don't say I didn't warn you".

The student has become known for donning nothing on her upper half –  but she had been tactically placing stickers covering only her nipples.

But yesterday the activist, from Brighton, East Sussex, chose to get rid of the cover ups for a demonstration, which happened just yards from the Prime Minister's official residence.

And once again, today she put her breast foot forward as she marched through central London.

Thousands of demonstrators this morning began outside the Tate Modern before moving across the Millennium Bridge.

City of London police, along with Met police and the London Firebrigade were forced to engage with some protestors who had climbed on a building on Lower Thames Street.

Demonstrators continued as far as The Bank of England on Queen Victoria St, where they blocked the road.

A police spokesperson said: “A number of officers are on scene working to keep disruption in the area to a minimum. 

“We will keep you updated with any further developments.”

Outside the bank Laura, a politics student at the Open University, smiled and posed for photos in her birthday suit.

Laura, who is vegan and drives a hybrid car, told MailOnline last week: "Dancing topless brought a nice energy to the protest and was also a very body positive thing to do.

"A lot of people congratulated me for doing this, especially women.

"I'm not getting paid for this or doing it to draw attention to myself but just to save the planet."

Laura said her fellow Extinction Rebellion-member boyfriend is "very supportive" of her decision to bare all in public, as is her dad.

The activist added: "But it's got nothing to do with them because this is my body and I'm my own woman.

"They both know how passionate I am about saving the planet.

"I wasn't nervous about it at all and I felt that it made a lot of people happy."

All approaches to Bank junction have now been closed.

This includes King William Street, Cornhill, Threadneedle Street, Princes Street, Poultry and Queen Victoria Street.

The group are demanding the Government stop investing in fossil fuels as part of their "beautiful, creative" protest – and are using drastic tactics for attention.

These have included putting up a giant pink table in Seven Dials, while the group's offshoot Animal Rebellion covered a Buckingham Palace fountain in fake blood.

Police have predicted the demonstrations will cause "cause significant disruption to London" and will pull cops away from tackling crime in the capital.

It was last month revealed that protesters have so far cost taxpayers more than £50million after rioters blocked roads in London and smashed windows across the capital.

The staggering sum covered the police response to the group's climate protests in 2019 and 2020, Metropolitan Police gold commander Rachel Williams said.

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