A FAMILY injured in the Manchester terror attack has slammed the legal aid plea of ISIS bride Shamima Beggum.

Robert and Claire Dowson said they were “appalled” legal chiefs were considering paying out to help the jihadi come back to Britain.

The couple – and their four daughters Sophie, 19, Charlotte, 14, Amy, 12, and Molly, nine – were among the hundreds of people injured when Salman Abedi detonated a homemade bomb at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, May 2017.

Twenty two innocent people – including children – were killed that day and the Dowsons believe funding Beggum is an insult to victims’ families.


Robert told the Daily Mail: “We are appalled that anyone would consider paying hundreds of thousands of pounds to aid the return of someone who supports the terrorist organisation behind it.

“People try to excuse Shamima's behaviour by saying she was brainwashed, but so was Abedi, and my children know, from bitter experience, what terrible atrocities that could mean she is capable of.”

British-born schoolgirl Beggum was stripped of her UK citizenship earlier this year after she fled to join the murderous cult four years ago aged 15.

Begum left the UK in 2015 with two friends and was found in a Syrian refugee camp in mid-February.

Whilst living in Syria she married a Dutch ISIS fighter called Yago Riedijk and had three baby children, all of whom died as infants.


The 19-year-old, who has called herself "weak" for wanting to return to Britain, said she didn't regret travelling to Syria and had not been fazed by the sight of "severed heads" in bins.

She later said the Manchester Arena terror attack, in which 22 music fans died, was "justified" by air strikes on ISIS.

The 19-year-old’s family in Britain is challenging the government's decision to strip her of citizenship, saying she had been "groomed" by a "murderous and misogynistic cult" and deserves the chance of rehabilitation.

She is set to be granted legal aid to fight the decision to revoke her UK citizenship.

However, the Dowsons are fuming that while they are fighting for “a few thousand pounds in compensation” Beggum could get funding to launch a bid for a new life.

Robert added: “But what's far more upsetting than the huge sums of money being made available for her legal fees is the terror that even the thought of her returning strikes into our girls.

“One of them was struggling to sleep again last night, haunted by images of this girl, who they see as an actual monster, powered by remote control to kill.”

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