LIZ truss today lifted the ban on fracking to boost England's energy supplies.

It means production of domestic shale gas could begin in as little as six months.

Announcing a landmark cost of living support package, the new PM said: "We will end the moratorium on extracting our huge reserves of shale, which could get gas flowing in as soon as six months – where there is local support for it.

"We will launch 'Great British nuclear' later this month, putting us on a path to deliver up to a quarter of our electricity generation with nuclear by 2050."

Fracking was suspending in November 2019 over fears it could trigger earthquakes.

But a report is expected to say that it can be done safely under certain conditions.


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Making it legal forms part of a plan to increase Britain's energy security, reducing its vulnerability to world events, like the Russian invasion and Vladimir Putin turning down his gas pipelines.

It could also mean discounts on bills, but this has not yet been confirmed.

Downing Street was unable to detail specifics, but officials are looking at incentives including reducing the bills of areas who agree to fracking in order to get them to sign up.

It was previously reported that Brits could be offered 25 per cent reductions to encourage involvement.

A new energy supply task force, led by Madelaine McTernan, who headed the vaccine task force, will negotiate with energy suppliers to agree long-term contracts that will reduce the price they charge.

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