A GANG of grey-haired 50-something football hooligans have been jailed for a violent pub brawl.

The Newcastle United thugs went on the rampage in a rival boozer during a Premier League match at Burnley.

Two burst into the Turf Hotel as their team went 1-0 down and began chanting and raising their arms.

They were forced out but returned mob-handed moments later and armed themselves with bar stools.

One was caught on CCTV swinging a pool cue.

Nine men, all from the North East, pleaded guilty to violent disorder.

PC Dan Fish said: “The actions of these men were violent, aggressive and extremely reckless.”

Nicolas Henderson, 52, was jailed for 28 months, Peter Wakenshaw, 51, was sentenced to 27 months and Brian Hindmarch, 52, got 25 months.

Anthony Smith, 57, Michael O’Brien, 55, and Michael Maylia, 54, got two years.

Douglas Waugh, 53, got 19 months. Two others, Craig Heward, 39, and Darren Wade, 49, were also jailed.

They got football bans of between six and eight years at Preston crown court.

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