A GIRL was left in severe agony after a McDonald’s worker refilled her sippy cup with scalding water, causing her to scream in pain.

Lainey Dombeer, 4, was passing through Portland International Airport in Oregon while on her way to Disneyland when her tongue was badly burned.

Lainey's mum Emily told KATU: "I turn for a split second to set my wallet down and she just starts screaming bloody murder.

"(The water) was hotter than I would have drank coffee or tea or anything. It was absolutely burning."

The worried mum instantly took to Facebook to share shocking images of Lainey's burns.

She said the ordeal left the family shaken up before their planned holiday.

In her post, she wrote: "These are special moments, this is her first time to Disneyland.

"All the pictures that we’re taking, all the princess makeovers that she’ll forever look at, she’ll have a Band-Aid over her chin.

"So this is something she’ll always remember, unfortunately."

Lainey now has blisters on her lip and inside her mouth.

She is wearing a bandage on her chin where there is a scar.

Despite the alarming incident, the family went on to enjoy their long-awaited trip.

However later on, mum Emily was left in anger when McDonald's workers allegedly disregarded her concerns.

She said: "Extremely unhappy right now with the lack of empathy and compassion of these employees.

"Something needs to be done because this negligence can just keep happening.

"I don’t know if they need better training. Something needs to be done."

The owner and operator of the airport McDonald’s, Mike Kennedy, told KATU: “The safety of our guests and crew are our top priority.

"We are taking this claim very seriously and investigating this matter.”

Sun Online has contacted McDonald's for comment.

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