THIS is the heartless moment Wayne Couzens calmly rang a vet to ask for medication for his dog just hours after burning Sarah Everard's body.

The rapist cop had lured Sarah Everard, 33, into his car after arresting her for a fake Covid breach in Clapham, South London in March.

After killing Sarah and burning her body, clothing and possessions inside a refrigerator, Couzens, 48, went on to call the vet about getting medication for his dog.

In a call played at the Old Bailey today, Couzens explained that his pet had "separation anxiety".

He then bought builders bags at a B&Q in Dover before returning to the woods.

Prosecutor Tom Little QC Little said: "Whilst in the woods he must have moved Sarah Everard's heavily burnt body from where he had set fire to it, to the pond where she was subsequently found.

"He did so using the two bags that he had just purchased from B&Q."

Couzens is facing a whole life tariff for murdering Sarah Everard.

Footage revealed today showed the moment before Couzens kidnapped Sarah.

The video was shown to the court with Sarah's parents in attendance.

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They then bravely read out powerful victim impact statements.

Couzens had prowled the streets for a victim before he spotted Sarah walking back from a friend's house in Clapham.

After stalking the marketing executive, the Met Police offier got out of his rental car and was spotted on CCTV just a few feet from her.

Sarah Everard's tragic last moments revealed…

  • A couple saw Sarah Everard being kidnapped by Wayne Couzens and assumed it was ‘undercover arrest’
  • Sarah Everard’s brave mum ‘haunted by the horror’ of daughter’s final hours as dad tells killer to face them in court
  • Wayne Couzens handcuffed & ‘arrested’ Sarah Everard in ‘fake Covid patrol’ to kidnap her off street before murder
  • Killer cop Wayne Couzens used his police belt to strangle Sarah Everard after luring her off street in fake arrest
  • Wayne Couzens took family on ‘day out’ to woods after burning Sarah Everard’s body and let kids play near her remains
  • Shocking CCTV shows moment Wayne Couzens lured Sarah Everard off street in staged fake Covid stop

Couzens, who was wearing his police belt containing handcuffs, can be seen producing his warrant card after claiming Sarah had breached Covid restrictions.

Just moments later, a couple driving past saw Couzens placing Sarah in handcuffs – leaving her trapped in the back of his car.

Terrified Sarah was then driven for 80 miles from London to Kent at the start of a “lengthy ordeal” that was to lead “inexorably to her rape and murder".

Prosecutor Mr Little said: "She must have realised her fate.”

Couzens then burnt her body in a plot of land he bought in 2019 that he described as "perfect for a day out".

Police believe she was dead by 2.31am – five hours after she was snatched from the street.

Couzens, who was known to wear a police belt with handcuffs while off-duty, put her charred remains in green rubble bags and dumped them in a pond in woodland.

He then treated himself to a hot chocolate with coconut milk and bakewell tart from Costa just hours after the murder.

The next morning, Couzens returned the rental car and chucked Sarah's phone into a river in Sandwich, Kent.

He also bought petrol which he used to burn Sarah's body before calling his vet to make an appointment for the family dog about "possible medication for separation anxiety".


Sickeningly, Couzens even took his family to the woodland where he dumped Sarah's body just four days after murdering her.

He even allowed his children "to play in relatively close proximity" to where her body was left in the pond.

Sarah's body had to be identified by dental records after being found a week later more than 50 miles away in Ashford, Kent.

Despite being badly burnt, she was still wearing a necklace and gold earring.

Couzens later admitted he had strangled her using his police belt.

Mr Little said: "Sarah Everard's disappearance on the evening of 3rd March 2021 led to one of the most widely publicised missing person investigations this country has seen.

"What had taken place became widely summarised on social media as #shewasonlywalkinghome.

"That is true. Sarah Everard was only walking home when she was taken off the street from her family, friends and colleagues by the defendant on the evening of 3rd March 2021.

"However, those five words do not fairly or completely begin to describe what happened to her and her body at the hands of the defendant in the hours and days that followed her kidnap.

"Whilst it is impossible to summarise what the defendant did to Sarah Everard in just five words, if it had to be done then it would be appropriate to do so as deception, kidnap, rape, strangulation, fire".

Couzens will be sentenced tomorrow.

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