Here’s kitty! Needy cat slowly waves a paw around bathroom door before squeezing past it in spooky bid for its owner’s attention

  • The cat couldn’t bear to be apart from its owner, squeezing itself through door
  • Bizarre footage, taken on February 18, shows the cat waving its paw up and down
  • It manages to poke its head into bathroom before turning to stare at the owner
  • Pet owner from Scott Depot, West Virginia, USA, said the cat does it ‘all the time’ 

This is the bizarre moment a clingy cat refused to let its owner have a moment of peace in the bathroom and slowly squeezed in past the door.

Spooky footage, shot in Scott Depot, West Virginia, shows the cat slowly waving its paw up and down after poking it round the bathroom door.

The pet then eases its head through the gap into the room before turning to stare directly at its owner, who lightly chuckles in response. 

The cat slowly waves its paw up and down (left) before trying to squeeze past the door into the bathroom (right) in the footage filmed in Scott Depot, West Virginia

The bizarre video was filmed on February 18 by the cat’s owner who said: ‘He does this all the time and I thought it would be funny to record.’ 

The video was posted onto Snapchat, captioned: ‘Yo chill’.

The pet owner, told ViralHog: ‘I videoed my cat squeezing through the bathroom door in a strange manner.’

The pet slowly pokes its head through the door (left) before turning to stare directly at its owner (right). The pet owner from West Virginia, says he ‘does it all the time’ 

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