Hilarious moment Nigel Farage gets trolled live on air

‘I was kicked in the head by a horse’: Hilarious moment Nigel Farage gets trolled live on air as caller reveals the ‘monumental’ incident that made him switch sides and start backing Brexit instead of Remain

  • Nigel Farage had been receiving callers and questions on his LBC radio show 
  • Caller ‘Mark’ reels him in by telling him he had switched from Remain to Leave
  • Then jokes that ‘being kicked in the head’ was what made him change his mind 
  • Farage appeared on Good Morning Britain today to discuss the ‘whacky’ caller 

This is the hilarious moment that Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage is trolled live on air by a caller.

Farage had been receiving questions and callers on his LBC radio show when one reeled him in with a story about how he had switched from being on the Remain side of the Brexit referendum to the Leave side.

The caller, who gave his name as Mark, begins by telling Farage how ‘immensely grateful’ he was for ‘everything he had done for British politics in the last few years’.

He said: ‘I used to be an ardent Remainer, I voted Remain, I believed in the European project, I believed that staying in the European Union was the best thing for us.’

Farage also appeared on Good Morning Britain today to discuss the ‘whacky’ caller 

Mark then continues to say that something happened that changed his perspective on things.

‘Something monumental happened and it completely changed my opinion on the whole situation.’

During the show last night, Farage then asked Mark ‘what was that monumental thing’, before the cheeky caller delivers the punchline to his cunning joke.

Mark replied and said: ‘I was kicked in the head by a horse’.

Visibly irked by the situation, Farage then thanks Mark before moving on to the next caller.

Farage then appeared on Good Morning Britain this morning in order to address the call.

Speaking to Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid, Piers joked that Farage had been struggling not to laugh and Susanna laughed that the caller ‘hadn’t changed his mind at all’.

Farage said: ‘It was funny.

‘All I would say is when you do a talk show whenever you have a new caller, someone who has never called the station before, you never know what you’re going to get.

‘You get one or two slightly whacky people, we get one or two comedians, it’s the risk you take, it goes with the territory.’

It comes after Farage has led calls for Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s chief aide Dominic Cummings to be sacked.

Mr Johnson, pictured in New York yesterday, is also under pressure to sack Dominic Cummings, his most senior adviser, who is in charge of strategy in Number 10

He said: ‘The calling of a Queen’s Speech and prorogation is the worst political decision ever. Dominic Cummings must go.’ 

His comments were made after Geoffrey Cox launched a bizarre late night attack on his critics amid growing calls for him to resign after the Supreme Court ruled Boris Johnson’s suspension of Parliament was unlawful.

The Attorney General reportedly had reassured the Prime Minister that the plan to prorogue Parliament for five weeks was lawful.

Mr Cox then apparently responded to the judgement yesterday by suggesting to the Cabinet that the judges had acted in a way which went beyond the unwritten rules of the constitution.

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