A STUDENT has revealed how powerless she felt on a night out after a creep LICKED her repeatedly. 

Amy Dodds, 19, was with a group of friends at The Garage nightclub on Sauchiehall Street in Glasgow when a strange young man began following her around.

She had been at the venue for about an hour before he began targeting her with bizarre behaviour, leaving her feeling scared and "put in her place".

Amy, a law student at the University of Aberdeen from Parkhead, told the Record the space was quite packed but noticed a group of 20 guys 'speaking with foreign accents'.

The 19-year-old was dancing with a friend when one of the group approached her.

She says she has a boyfriend, so wasn't interested in talking to him.

Amy said: "Then he came in-between me and my friend and put his tongue right in-between both of our faces.

"We got a fright but just walked away. You get a weirdo every night – but this guy then started following us about, trying to lick us and grab us another few times and we started getting really angry."

The pair told him what he was doing was creepy and asked him to leave them alone.

Amy said: "He just replied saying he wasn't from this country and he didn't speak our language. But I said: 'you live in this world don't you, you must understand that's not normal'."

Concerned and growing frustrated, Amy went over the man's friends and asked them to reign their mate in, but five minutes later he returned.

Amy says for two hours, he continued to follow her around licking her and her friend seven times.


In the crammed club without a lot of space to move, she said she saw him pull multiple girls ponytails.

She said: "But one of the most frightening things was one of his other friends then grabbed the girl from either side to try and trap her.

"I noticed that and pulled her away. By this point I had started screaming at him because we got really angry."

They managed to get away safe but then he came up to them again. She said it was difficult to stay calm through the ordeal.

Amy took photos of the creep and spoke to security at the venue who were already aware of the man.

They asked her to point him out and he was removed from the club.

The experience left her feeling uneasy and encourages other girls to be aware of their surroundings.

She added: "It made us feel like it put us in our place a bit."

Amy said she and her friends are careful, and are mindful not to get too drunk, drink water before heading out and leave an hour early to get a taxi.

A Garage representative told The Sun: "Our business is all about creating a safe space, we have a zero tolerance policy of behaviour that makes any of our customers feel uncomfortable or unsafe.

"As soon as this is highlighted to a member of staff this is dealt with under the terms of our in house policies and procedures."

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