A WOMAN thought she had found an adorable abandoned kitten but was stunned when it grew into something dangerous.

She welcomed the cat into her home, and provided it with everything it needed, but she soon realised all wasn't as it seemed.

Alarm bells started to ring when the kitten developed a taste for blood and became less interested in milk and wanted raw meat.

But the owner of the beast only realised that her cuddly pet was in fact a dangerous bobcat when it was fully grown.

At which point she immediately sent her to the zoo, as to have the animal living with her would pose a serious risk.

However the creature refused to eat or drink while in captivity and "always looked gloomy".

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Those who saw the animal thought this was because she "longed for her master" and "missed the happy times they used to have".

Following this, the cat's former owner visited her at the zoo, and they were engaged in a tear-jerking reunion.

In a Tiktok video – which tells this remarkable story – the terrifying creature can be seen being kissed and cradled in the arms of her former owner.

The same video also shows the bobcat as a baby, where surprisingly, it looks just like any other adorable kitten.

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Tiktokers shared split opinions on how the owner handled the situation.

One commented: "I would never put her in the zoo I would keep her" and another added: "A zoo feels like a jail when you grew up in a home".

Others were more positive and supported the woman.

One viewer wrote: "I love it! She took her in as a baby of course she would get attached."

Although this cat mishap seems an unlikely affair, this is not the first time something like this has happened.

Recently a man thought he had brought a puppy but it turned out to different animal.

He discovered he was actually caring for a fox cub and could have been in danger of catching a whole range of diseases.

Similarly this happened again when a woman rescued an adorable black kitten but it soon grew into a petrifying black panther.


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She then made a shock decision to keep the predator, who is now best friends with her pet Rottweiler.

There was also a family in China who were in mortal danger as they took more than two years to realise their pet dog was actually a bear.

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