LEVI Bellfield's fiancée has said the serial killer is "not a monster" and claims he has "changed" during his time behind bars.

The besotted blonde is set to wed Milly Dowler’s murderer after he got down on one knee in front of stunned prison staff, The Sun exclusively revealed.

His bride-to-be boasted that they have shared "kisses and cuddles" at HMP Frankland in Co Durham.

Despite hammer killer Bellfield being locked up for a whole-life term for at least three murders, his beau says she is "not ashamed" of their relationship.

The warped wedding could still be blocked by furious ministers who have been disgusted by the idea.

But Bellfield's girlfriend has brushed off the backlash, claiming the 53-year-old has now put his "bad past" behind him.


How serial killer Levi Bellfield met his girlfriend

Serial killer Levi Bellfield caught groping woman at top-security prison

The woman — a blonde in her 40s who we are not identifying – told the Mirror: "He is not a monster. Yes, he has a bad past, but 17 years in prison changes a person.

"He has changed, he has remorse, and there are always reasons a person goes wrong in life. There is always a far bigger picture.

"He is 53 years old, still young and has to live knowing he will just grow old and die in that horrendous place."

She struck up a twisted relationship with Bellfield when the fiend wrote to her two years ago and she is now a regular visitor.

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The pair see each other once or twice a week for two hours at a time, with the killer writing her love letters and poems.

They sit opposite each other at a table and mingle with other cons and their friends and families in a hall at the prison.

The Sun exclusively revealed that the duo were introduced by the Yorkshire Ripper in a sickening setup.

Peter Sutcliffe was friends with the woman when Bellfield — who was on the same wing and helped tidy his pal’s cell — asked if he could be put in touch after seeing her pic.

The lovestruck monster has now plastered his cell walls with pictures of the blonde – including one of her in lingerie and the words, “Come to bed Levi”.

Bellfield has now consulted a solicitor to help him with his plan to marry her behind bars.

Prisoners have the right to marry in jail under the 1983 Marriages Act and the Human Rights Act.

After he proposed out of the blue, the woman has also bought Bellfield an engagement ring – that he is not allowed to wear until given permission to marry.

He is not a monster. Yes, he has a bad past, but 17 years in prison changes a person.

His fiancèe woman told critics she isn't a "random silly woman with an obsession for serial killers."

She continued: "I’m a very educated, intelligent woman, nobody’s fool. I don’t know Levi from 2002, I know the Levi of now. Well, since 2019.

"I’m extremely non-judgemental, and although I have great empathy with the victims, I have empathy with Levi too."

The bride-to-be gushed about their "extremely close relationship" but moaned his stretch in the slammer is just a "death sentence in disguise."

She also claimed that Bellfield has demanded a DNA test to prove he did not father a child just weeks before murdering Milly Dowler.

A mum-of-three claims she met the vile killer in a nightclub before he drove her home in the same car used to abduct the 13-year-old.

The two had a one-night stand and she fell pregnant – but her son, now 19, still does not know the truth about his parentage.

His blonde lover also hit out at claims Britain's most dangerous man "groped" her during a prison visit.

She said: "He is my partner. We had a kiss and cuddle as always, he put his hand on my tummy, that was it."


But his tormented ex-girlfriend has branded their wedding plans "disgraceful" and a "slap in the face" to victims.

Joe Collings, who was routinely raped, beaten and psychologically abused during her three-year relationship with the former bouncer, has told The Sun how the stomach-churning news left her in "floods of tears".

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he was "sickened and appalled" by the revelation, while prisons minister Victoria Atkins has vowed to do "everything in her power" to stop it.

Bellfield was convicted in 2008 of killing Marsha McDonnell, 19, and Amelie Delagrange, 22, plus the attempted murder of Kate Sheedy, 18, who he deliberately ran over.

He followed his murder victims in areas he knew well in South West London and launched vicious hammer attacks.

When police arrested Bellfield — who has at least seven children with at least three women — they found he had violently abused three ex-partners.

Nine serious offences of assault and sexual assault on them were left on file.

In 2011, Bellfield was also convicted of the 2002 murder of Surrey schoolgirl Milly, who he abducted in Walton on Thames.

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The Sun told in February how Bellfield — suspected of scores of other attacks — had also sensationally confessed to the 1996 hammer murders of Lin Russell, 45, and her daughter Megan, six, in Kent.

Michael Stone, 61, had been convicted of the killings in 1998.

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