Inside supersonic presidential jet that can fly at nearly TWICE the speed of sound

THIS is what a supersonic presidential plane that could hit speeds of 1,380mph as it jets at nearly twice the speed of sound could look like.

New renderings show the incredible supersonic presidential jet designed by Exosonic. that could halve travel time.

Pentagon officials last year commissioned a new prototype jet concept that could become the leading transport for the executive branch.

The US Air Force handed a $1million, 24 month, contract to aerospace start-up Exosonic as it laid out a concept for jet that could hit Mach 1.8.

This is double the speed of the President's 600mph jet, Air Force One.

It is hoped the jet would also solve one of the biggest problems with supersonic travel – the noise.

Exosonic boast their design – which can carry up to 70-passengers – can hit its top speed "over land and over water with a muted sonic boom".

The presidential version of the plane is cut down to just 31 seats to make room for teleconference facilities, office space and sleeping quarters.

Stephanie Chahan, Exosonic's principal aircraft interior designer, said the furnishing were designed so it can be versatile – making room for various staff members.

It is suggested that the supersonic jet could become Air Force Two, which usually carries the vice president, reports CNN.

"It needs to be flexible enough to fit a number of different missions, if it was ever in service," Chahan told 

"So it has to be modular enough for the Secretary of Defense, fit the requirements of the First Lady – whatever their requirements may be – and those requirements can vary significantly."


Concept images show the plane in the unmistakable blue and white livery of its big sister Air Force One.

Engineers hope the aircraft would have a 5,000-nautical mile range and is expected to fly by the mid-2030s.

It could mean that it could be the 49th President of the United States' administration make first use of the jet.

The concept jet has two private suites and a wealth of luxurious furnishings, such as quartz counters a custom wool-silk blend carpets.

It has a business suite for three passengers to be able video conference securely while in flight, with plush chairs and a large screen.

And walking down the plane, you then come to a second suite for staffers and their guests.

It has seats with tables that face each other to allow officials to work together, and the slights also recline flat to allow them to rest in comfort.

Continuing down the cabin, you then come to 20 business class passenger seats which can accommodate anyone else who need be aboard.

And at there the rear of the plane for comfort there would be two galleys and two bathrooms.

"With this concept we are planning to implement new technologies that are not available today or that you don't (yet) see on commercial or business aircraft," Chahan said.

Air Force One is a highly customized Boeing 747-200B series aircraft described as a three-level "flying Oval Office" – with its use is reserved for the US President.

It can fly at speeds of 600mph, and can hit altitudes of 45,100ft – much higher than commercial airliners, which normally only rise to around 30,000ft.

The jet can carry up to 70 passengers and has living quarters for the president, his senior advisers, Secret Service officers, reporters, and guests.

Two of the planes are currently in service, which are modified with military equipment, air defense systems and can even remain airborne to ride out nuclear armageddon.

Barack Obama ordered a replacement for Air Force One to be built during his second term .

Two new Boeing 747-8 aircraft built as part of a $3.9billion contact and painted red, white and blue are due to be delivered by December 2024.

However, any plane can be Air Force One – as the callsign is adopted for whatever plane is carrying the president at the time.

Air Force Two is usually a Boeing C32, a modified 757, which is often used by the Vice President.









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