ITALIANS have issued a chilling warning to Brits over coronavirus insisting the “worst case scenario” will happen.

In a disturbing video message, people quarantined in Italy were asked to say what they would tell themselves 10 days ago.

This comes as COVID-19 has overwhelmed the country with 2,000 deaths and nearly 30,000 cases.

And with Italy now the epicentre of the crisis, Italians are warning other countries to take the virus more seriously.

One woman said: “The worst case scenario? That's exactly what will happen.”

Another wearing a face mask said: “I used to make fun of people wearing face masks.”

A third noted: “Up until 10 days ago, I went to meetings for work, I'd go to dinner with friends, to the gym, to the hairdresser. The usual boring things that have never hurt anybody.”

Then a man adds: “But in 10 days life won't be like this anymore.”

Italians are now on total lockdown with people unable to leave their homes and all social gatherings banned.

The country only recorded its first coronavirus case less than a month ago on February 20 – but had 12 deaths six days later.

In the UK, the government chief scientific adviser Sir Patrick Vallance said yesterday that Britain is "three weeks" behind Italy in terms of the spread of the virus.

Britain currently has 1,543 confirmed cases of the bug and a death toll of 55.

However, people have continued to go to social events and commute to work as normal.

Yet, on Monday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson drastically ramped up Britain's battleplan – shutting down mass gatherings and urging everyone to stop non-essential travel.

He said that means all Brits (around 66million people) staying out of pubs, clubs, theatres and cinemas for weeks – and potentially months into the summer.

All who can can should work from home, he said.

The over 70s, those who are pregnant, and anyone with underlying health conditions (around 20million Brits) should try not to leave their homes if they can, and avoid crowded spaces immediately.

This will continue for the "long haul" – likely weeks or months.

And those with severe illnesses like cancer (around 1.4million Brits) must start cocooning themselves in their homes and get food delivered in from this weekend.

They will be shielded from social contact for around 12 weeks.

The number of cases could DOUBLE every five or six days if Britain doesn't take "draconian" action now, the PM warned the country, in the most drastic action taken so far to tackle the disease.

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