Ivana Trump, 71, struggles with plate of spaghetti while out with her support dog after 'bigoted' immigration outburst

IVANA Trump appeared to struggle while eating a plate of spaghetti for lunch in New York hours after she was slammed as a "bigot" for her comments during an appearance on UK television.

The 71-year-old ex-wife of President Donald Trump was dressed in all black for her lunch date with her teacup Yorkshire terrier – a certified comfort animal – at Italian restaurant Altesi in New York City.

Ivana appeared to be dozing off as she munched on the $30 pasta entree with her therapy pet, Tiger, attentively sitting beside her on Manhattan's Upper East Side.

Aside from speaking to a server to order her meal, she mostly kept her head and eyes down for the majority of the time.

The Czech-born business woman stayed safe with a fabric face mask before and after eating, then headed off to walk Tiger on a leash.

She told Page Six in 2014 that her Yorkie is a "comfort service dog" that helps her stay calm and is" more famous in St Tropez than Brigitte Bardot."

Ivana stepped out with her pet hours after she was branded a "bigot" for claiming that immigrants "steal and rape women" in a television interview.

The former model clashed with The Sun's Jane Moore, who was on the Tuesday morning panel on the UK TV show Loose Women.

She praised her ex husband – with whom she shares Eric Trump, Don Jr, and Ivanka Trump – for his beliefs, saying they share the same views.

"He is pro everything I believe in. He is Republican and so am I. He's achieved so much, especially with immigration," she said.

"I am immigrant, but they have to come to the country legally, they have to get a job, they have to pay taxes like the rest of Americans…

Ivana continued: "A lot of people don't dress even American, they dress whatever they dress in.

"And they don't get a job and they steal and they rape the women. That's not our idea."

The millionaire also insisted that her daughter was on a fast-track to the White House, predicting that she will be the "first woman President".

The interview concluded in bizarre fashion, with Ivana saying she would "get even" and wagging her finger at Ruth Langsford after being asked to do the interview at 4am New York time.

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