A JOE Biden "virtual town hall" fizzled out in less than five minutes due to technical difficulties.

The Democratic frontrunner canceled a rally in Chicago on Friday due to coronavirus concerns, but hoped to connect with voters in a hi-tech way ahead of Tuesday's Illinois primary.

Biden was supposed to take questions remotely via Facebook live, but the event got off to a rocky start and only lasted a few minutes.

He can be seen holding a cell phone in the brief, awkward-looking video.

At one point when he tried to take a question from someone named Maureen, the line went dead.

"You there?" Biden could be heard saying.

Biden would later answer another question by turning away from the camera.

His campaign would apologize for the technical difficulties.

“I’m sorry this has been such a disjointed effort here because of the connections," Biden said.

"There’s a lot more to say but I’ve already probably said too much to you.”

The global coronavirus pandemic, which has included 48 deaths in the US, have forced candidates to scrap large rallies and take more of a digital approach to campaigning.

Bernie Sanders, the Democratic socialist who trails Biden, has been holding press briefings every day from his home state of Vermont.

“We do more rallies than anybody else, and (they're) often very well attended. I love to do them," Sanders told reporters.

“This coronavirus has obviously impacted our ability to communicate with people in the traditional way that we do. That's hurting.”

The attempt at a virtual town hall by Biden drew some poor reviews on social media.

"Joe, you need a new technical team. They're making you look bad," A Facebook user wrote on Biden's page.

"No level of technical team can stop someone from wandering confused out of the camera frame cause they forgot it was a live feed," wrote another user.

The coronavirus has mow infected more than 2,200 people in the US, and thousands more around the world.

President Trump said Saturday that he was tested for the coronavirus and is awaiting his results.

Trump also told reporters at a White House briefing that he had his temperature taken and it was “totally normal."

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