LABOUR grandee Alistair Campbell was branded a “blatant snob” yesterday after he slammed Priti Patel’s accent.

The ex-spin doctor poked fun at the Home Secretary’s pronunciation in a bad-tempered Twitter post.


Ms Patel, who was born to Ugandan Indian parents, is Britain’s first ever female Asian Home Secretary.

Rounding on her online, Mr Campbell ranted: “I don’t want a Home Secretary who can’t pronounce a G at the end of a word.

“I don’t want a Home Secretary who talks the kind of nonsense Priti Patel is talking now.

“I don’t want a Home Secretary who supports breaking the law.

“As for the testing fiasco….” The shame-faced politico deleted the comment after being called out by ex Home Secretary Sajid Javid.

Mr Javid fumed: “There should be no room in politics for such blatant snobbery.

“I want a Home Secretary who works incredibly hard at keeping the country safe. We have that in Priti Patel.”

A Tory source told The Sun: “What a f**king snob.

“I don't recall Campbell having an issue with accents when his old boss was trying to sound ‘down with the kids’.” 

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