Man, 28, jailed for five years for breaching Vietnam’s quarantine rules and spreading coronavirus to at least eight people, including one who died, as the country battles soaring virus infections

  • Le Van Tri, 28, was sentenced after breaking a state-ordered 21-day quarantine
  • He’s the third Vietnamese person to be sentenced for spreading the deadly virus
  • Vietnam, once praised for its pandemic response, is seeing an upswing in cases

A Vietnamese man will spend five years behind bars for defying the country’s COVID-19 quarantine laws, according to local media reports.

Le Van Tri, 28, was sentenced Monday for ‘spreading infectious diseases to people,’ following a single-day trial at a Cau Mau courthouse, the state-run Vietnamese News Agency (VNA) said.

The sentence comes as Vietnam, which had managed to largely contain the virus,  battles a recent surge of infections.   

In early May, the country had impressively recorded just over 3,100 confirmed cases and 35 deaths since the start of the pandemic.

The number of infections has since swelled to 536,788 cases and 13,385 deaths, according to Johns Hopkins University. 

Le Van Tri, 28, was sentenced Monday for ‘spreading infectious diseases to people’

As this chart indicates, COVID-19 infections have skyrocketed in the communist country

According to the indictment, Tri and his brother-in-law travelled to the City of Ho Chi Minh to work for in March, and returned on motorbikes to Cau Mau in July.

Both men sought unemployment benefits and, in the process, made false claims about their travel schedules, the news agency reported.  

Tri made a medical declaration after returning to his Dau Nai home July 2, and was ordered the following day to self-isolate for three weeks.

‘Tri did not comply with the regulations as committed, leading to spread COVID-19 to many people,’ the VNA said, adding that he tested positive for COVID-19 on July 7.

‘From Tri’s infection chain, one person died.’

An additional eight people were infected. 

Tri tested positive for COVID-19 July 7, but infected eight others after failing to self-isolate

One of the people in his chain of infection later died of the virus, Vietnamese authorities said

Tri was prosecuted after admitting ‘to the whole crime.’

Vietnam has frequently taken a hard-fisted approach to the pandemic.

The Southeast Asian country evacuated 80,000 people from Danang after three people tested positive in late July.

He admitted to breaking quarantine before being sentenced in a Cau Mau courthouse

The communist country has been praised for its pandemic response; its aggressive approach helped temper infection rates.

However, its streak of success took a turn for the worse in recent months. 

In Ho Chi Minh City – a COVID-19 lightening rod – there have been nearly 260,000 cases. About 10,685 people have died.

Although Vietnam initially had the coronavirus under control due to its strict mandates, its City of Ho Chi Minh has recently observed an uptick in cases

Tri wasn’t the first person punished for breaking quarantine. Vietnam previously sentenced two others to suspended jail terms on the same charges. 

One man was sentenced to 18 months, and the other received a two-year suspended sentence.

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