Man 'who drugged & killed spring breaker Christine Englehardt' has 26 crimes on rap sheet including firearms offenses

ONE of spring breaker Christine Englehardt's alleged attackers, who left her for dead after drugging and raping her had a long rap sheet – including drug and firearm offenses, The Sun can reveal.

The 24-year-old who was left for dead after being drugged and raped, had traveled to Miami alone from Pennsylvania.

The revelation came as two suspects in the incidents surrounding her death appeared in Florida court.

Evoire Collier, 21 and Dorian Taylor, 24, have been charged in connection with Englehardt's death in Miami Beach, as party chaos has led to more than 1,000 arrests.

Collier and Taylor were reportedly captured in surveillance video entering the Albion Hotel on Thursday with Englehardt. 

A half-hour later, the two men were seen leaving without the woman, according to NBC Miami. They were arrested over the weekend.

Now The Sun can reveal that at least one of her alleged attackers Dorian Taylor, 24, had 26 offenses and a long list of criminal activity which included felonies, drug and firearm offenses, committed across state lines.

In 2018 he was caught carrying a concealed weapon – a felony fourth-degree charge and faced a second charge of improper handling firearms in a motor vehicle in Greenem, Ohio.

Last June, Taylor was arrested in Mebene, North Carolina, where he has believed to have been from, and he was arrested a month later although records just state the alleged offence as a "criminal" and don't go into the details.

In 2018 he was busted for possible marijuana – a minor misdemeanor – in Montgomery County, Ohio.

Then in 2018 he was hit with two felonies for allegedly carrying a concealed weapon and improperly handling firearms in a motor vehicle. He was also caught driving without a license and in violation of his suspension.

Taylor has also been charged with driving under the influence.

Around seven of his offenses had been dismissed after paying a fine.

There did not appear to be any criminal history for his co-defendent Evoire Collier.

It comes as his family claims the suspect is a "good kid" and "not some monster."

“It’s devastating. My thought was praying for her family because I wouldn’t wish that on anybody,” Collier's aunt, Tanda, told the Miami Herald.

Collier "wouldn’t hurt a fly," she insisted.

When his mother died from illness, the suspect went to live with the family of a high school friend who has also defended him.

“He’s an honest person. He’s gullible … he’s not some monster. He wasn’t a predator,” the friend's mother Adrienne Long claimed of the former high school athlete.

“He definitely was in the company of this older guy who could possibly influence him."

Poignantly in a haunting social media post from 2019 that's recently been shared again on Facebook in wake of Englehardt's death,  the victim shared a story where she was apparently stalked – and warned others to be cautious.

Christine's cause of death is pending along with a toxicology report. 

Authorities also said that the two men used credit cards they stole from the intoxicated woman to continue partying in Miami. 

During a Monday bond hearing, a prosecutor said that Englehardt was so intoxicated while she was at the hotel that she could not give consent to either of the accused men.

Judge Mindy Glazer said in court: “The victim couldn’t even pick up the phone to call the police or 9-1-1 after they did what they did to her."

One of the defendants reportedly admitted to giving the woman a "green pill" with the characters "a30" on it, but it's not clear at this time what the pill was or if she died from overdosing on it.

Both men remain in custody.

They face charges including burglary with assault or battery, sexual battery, credit card fraud, and petit theft, NBC Miami reported.

Both Collier and Taylor are still being appointed public offenders so The Sun was unable to contact them for comment.

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