Meghan Markle and Prince Harry interview – six things we learned

THE Duke and Duchess of Sussex have wowed fans during their intimate hour long documentary.

Harry and Meghan, An African Journey, aired last night on ITV, here are X things we learned about the royal couple.

Meghan has as cute nickname for Harry

The Duchess of Sussex revealed her pet name for her husband as she chatted to Tom Bradby on their ITV documentary.

Meghan up about her marriage and life as a new mother – and as she was chatting she accidentally shared her secret name for Prince Harry.

In an unguarded moment she said: "You know, I’ve said for a long time to H, that’s what I call him, it’s not enough to just survive something."

Meghan is struggling with life in the spotlight

The 38-year-old revealed how she tried to adopt the Royal Family’s stiff upper lip — but found it “really damaging”.

The Duchess of Sussex said her attempt to ignore the media spotlight in the traditional royal manner only caused more unhappiness.

She said: “You’ve got to thrive, you’ve got to feel happy. And I think I really tried to adopt the British sensibility of a stiff upper lip.

“I’ve tried but I think that what that does internally is probably really damaging.

“I never thought this would be easy. But I thought it would be fair and that’s the part that’s really hard to reconcile.

“But I do just take each day as it comes.”

Harry does his fair share of daddy duties

Royal fans were distracted by a reflection of Prince Harry cradling baby Archie in the background while his wife was being interviewed.

Meghan was discussing how successful she thought the trip had been so far when eagle eyed fans were distracted by a reflection of Harry and his son.

The new dad can be seen cradling his son and rocking him from side to side when he thinks no one can see him.

Harry thinks he and William have grown apart

Harry admitted he and brother Wills have grown apart — saying: “We’re certainly on different paths.”

He added: “As brothers, you have good days, you have bad days.”

Harry said the pressure on the royals means “inevitably stuff happens”.

He continued: “But look, we’re brothers, we’ll always be brothers — and we’re certainly on different paths at the moment.

"But I’ll certainly always be there for him as I know he’ll always be there for me."

Harry fears Meghan will face Diana like pressure

Harry was asked if he worried whether Meghan may face the same pressures as his mum, Princess Diana, who died in 1997 in a car crash in Paris.

He said: "I will always protect my family, and now I have a family to protect.

"So everything that she [Diana] went through, and what happened to her, is incredibly important every single day, and that is not me being paranoid, that is just me not wanting a repeat of the past."

Harry describes staying mentally healthy as a matter of 'constant management'

The prince described his mental health and the way he deals with the pressures of his life as a matter of "constant management".

He said: "I thought I was out of the woods and then suddenly it all came back, and this is something that I have to manage.

"Part of this job is putting on a brave face but, for me and my wife, there is a lot of stuff that hurts, especially when the majority of it is untrue."

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