A Florida teacher alerted authorities to a neglected student after hundreds of bugs crawled out of her backpack, leading to the arrest of the girl’s mother, a report said.

Jessica Stevenson, 33, of Santa Rosa County near Pensacola, was arrested last week and hit with child neglect charges, the Pensacola New Journal reported. Her bond was set at $12,500.

In April, the school employee reported seeing the girl wearing the same clothes, which were filthy and caked with dirt, for an entire week, according to the report.

The employee then asked the second grader when her last bath was, and the girl replied that she didn’t know.

The teacher also reported to authorities that hundreds of bugs once crawled out of the girl’s backpack while she was in the school lunchroom, according to the report.

Authorities visited Stevenson’s home after the teacher reported the child’s condition to a children’s services agency in the state, the report said.

In the house, they found a cockroach infestation, rotten food and other filthy conditions, according to the report.

Stevenson’s room, however, was clean, while her five children lived in squalor conditions.

She was released on bond last Saturday, according to the report.

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