Angela Whitehead of Billings, Montana,gathered a duo of local officers and read them for filth after they thought it was a good idea to enter her home without her permission or even a warrant.

Whitehead was captured on cellphone footage last week in video that has since gone viral, explaining to cops where exactly they done got her twisted.

Officers could be heard claiming that they “heard an argument” which prompted the little house call, but Whitehead wasn’t having it.

“I don’t give a damn what you heard,” Whitehead is heard telling the two officers as they stand in her doorway. “This is my home and this is my property and I’m telling you to leave my home.”

When officers try to dismiss Whitehead and speak to a man who was called “Kevin” throughout the video, she immediately cuts all of them off.

“I am talking as the person who runs this house,” she insisted. “This is my house.”

Whitehead then precedes to let officers know that she knows exactly what her rights are.

“You did not knock on my door, there’s no weapons here, there’s nothing going on here and you are violating my rights, sweetheart,” she said. “Now tell me that I am f–king wrong. You can’t. Because I am not wrong. You are violating my rights.”

You do not, you do not come in my home without my permission—period,” Whitehead continued on her righteous tirade. “If I hadn’t just came in the house from smoking a cigarette this door would have been closed and your ass would have had to knock. You do not come in my f–king house without my permission with your white ass and I’m Black and I’m scared of you.”

Then the cops had the nerve to try and be patronizing, asking Whitehead if that was why she was yelling, leaving them open to another gathering of their edges.

“I’m screaming because you’re in my space,” she said. “This is my home, this is where my kids live, how I know you wasn’t coming up in here with a f–king gun, Black People Killer? How do I know that? I don’t! So guess what, I’m aggressive. I’m being hostile, like you guys call us, because you done came up in my home!”

“You got the wrong Black girl on the right day, baby,” she added. “What do you want?”

Of course, the cops had nothing to say, so eventually they turned their tails and left.

But apparently still not learning to not mess with Whitehead, one of them quipped that “Kevin” was the more intelligent one in the house.

“Guess what, you about to walk out my home though because I know my rights,” Whitehead said as officers left. “Bye. Bye. Don’t ever do that again, thank you!”

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