Morgan Miller reveals how she snapped back into shape after pregnancy

‘The twins did a number on my stomach’: Wife of Olympic skier Bode Miller reveals incredible photos of how she snapped back into shape and got rid of stretch marks after her pregnancy

  • Morgan Miller, 33, posted a series of Instagram Stories on Saturday afternoon 
  • The photos revealed how she got back into her normal athletic shape after giving birth to twins Asher and Aksel 14 months ago 
  • She revealed she suffered from diastasis – a separation of the six pack muscles –  during her pregnancy and did physical therapy to treat it while postpartum 
  • For her stretch marks, she did microneedling and used a beauty product
  • Bode and Morgan announced the news of her pregnancy with the twins just 14 months after daughter, Emeline, died in a tragic pool accident in 2018 

Pro volleyball player Morgan Miller took to Instagram to share how she got her body back into shape – and eradicated her stretch marks – after giving birth to twin boys 14 months ago. 

Morgan, 33, who is married to Olympic skier Bode Miller, made the revelations in a series of Instagram Stories posts Saturday. 

She began by sharing a picture of her stomach while she was still pregnant with the twin, Asher and Aksel, which included vivid, red stretch marks covering her belly. 

Morgan Miller shared how she got back into shape after giving birth to twin sons 14 months ago. She showed her belly while she was pregnant (left) and as it is now (right)

Morgan (left, pictured with husband Bode Miller in 2017) gave birth to the twins in November 2019 in a home birth. Bode helped deliver the babies 

‘The twins did a number on my stomach,’ she wrote candidly. ‘And after being a professional athlete where my body was my vessel in which I was able to perform the massive changes (including diastisas [sic]) was hard for me.’

Diastasis recti is common in multiple pregnancies and involves the partial or complete separation of ‘six-pack’ muscles. After giving birth, it can lead to a bulge in the belly area. 

To treat the diastasis, Morgan wrote that she did a lot of physical therapy and basic pilates to help with ‘rengaging [sic] my core and pelvic floor,’ beginning two weeks after giving birth. 

To eliminate her stretch marks, she said she ‘did a session of microneedling which was soooooo painful.’ 

As proof, she shared a close-up of her flat-looking, but raw-with-irritation stomach.

Morgan said she began doing physical therapy and pilates two weeks after giving birth (left) and tried microneedling for her stretch marks (right)

Morgan also revealed that she tried a new beauty product that helped fade her stretch marks (left) and shared what she looks like now, 14 months after giving birth (right)

At some point during her journey to reclaiming her athletic body, Morgan wrote that she discovered a beauty product that she started using three times a week ‘to go to town on lumps, bumps, stretch marks, and cellulite.’ 

Morgan then shared a picture of an opened bag of Frank Body’s Original Coffee Scrub as being a blend of coffee, natural oils and Vitamin E. 

It’s unclear how she discovered the beauty product or when she first started using it, however.

Morgan then showed off how successful the physical therapy and pilates work was, in helping her regain her flat stomach after the diastasis. In a mirror selfie, her stomach looks to be nearly flawless again. 

Fourteen months postpartum, she wrote, ‘My stretch marks have reduced drastically.’ 

To prove it wasn’t just a trick of the light, Morgan shared a close-up of her stomach. In that picture, only the faintest hint of stretch marks are visible. 

She wrapped up her revealing series of Instagram story images by telling her 145,000 followers that she had snagged a special discount code for the Frank Body products for them, because she was so happy with the results she got by using the coffee scrub and other products from the line. 

Back in February 2020, Morgan had shared the graphic details of the home birth of the twin boys, which had occurred in November 2019.

Morgan (pictured with daughter Emeline) and Bode announced she was pregnant with the twins 14 months after Emeline died in a tragic swimming pool accident

Morgan called the pregnancy with the twins a miracle. Emeline is pictured with Morgan (left) and Bode (right)

Morgan gave birth to twins Asher and Aksel in November 2019 in a home birth. Bode and his midwife mother helped deliver the two boys

In the series of Instagram Stories video she posted, Morgan had said that she was ‘sharing because I want you to see we women are bad** mothers and our bodies are beautiful. It’s a scary emotional ride but damn, we are capable of so much more than we even know,’ she added. 

Bode helped deliver the twins, along with his mother, who is a midwife. 

Bode and Morgan announced the news of her pregnancy with the twins just 14 months after their daughter, Emeline, died in a tragic accident. 

The couple was attending a neighbor’s party in June 2018 when Emeline, who was just 19 months old at the time, ended up in the pool.

Emeline was rescued from the water, but paramedics were unable to revive her, and she later died in hospital.

Morgan, who was pregnant with her son Easton at the time, said ‘losing a child while pregnant was the most confusing experience of my life.’

Bode and Morgan have two sons, five-year-old Nash and one-year-old Easton. They also have a daughter Neesyn, 12, and son Samuel, seven, from Bode’s previous relationships.

When Morgan announced in August 2020 that she was expecting twins, she called her pregnancy a ‘miracle,’ one that she believes her daughter Emeline had ‘her hand’ in.

‘From the day I met my husband, he has always said he wanted identical twin boys born on his birthday,’ Morgan wrote on Instagram while announcing the joyous news.

‘We are due on the lucky day/angel number of 11/11 which is not far off from @millerbode birthday of 10/12. From the beginning of this pregnancy, we knew Emmy had her hands in this miracle somehow.’

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