SNP nationalist under fire for liking a ‘race-baiting’ Twitter post showing Suella Braverman with a white face

  • David Torrance endorsed Twitter post depicting Ms Braverman with a white face

A Nationalist MSP has apologised after he ‘liked’ a ‘nakedly racist’ social media post attacking Home Secretary Suella Braverman, claiming it was a mistake.

David Torrance endorsed the crudely-edited Twitter post depicting Ms Braverman with a white face.

The post was condemned as ‘race- baiting trash’ by opponents.

Posted by an account named ‘Emma Atkins’, it also contained a plea that they would ‘follow anyone back who detests this woman’ – echoing comments by former SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon that she ‘detests the Tories’.

When confronted, Mr Torrance insisted he had made an innocent mistake.

Nationalist MSP David Torrance has apologised after he ‘liked’ a ‘nakedly racist’ social media

But Scottish Conservative MSP Pam Gosal, whose family – like Ms Braverman is of Asian descent – deplored his response to the ‘wretched post’.

Ms Gosal said: ‘David Torrance and the SNP should apologise for apparently endorsing this wretched post. It’s nakedly racist. What sort of message does this send out to women from BAME backgrounds who are thinking about getting into politics?

‘There is nothing healthy about this race-baiting trash.’

The crudely-edited Twitter post attacked Home Secretary Suella Braverman and was condemned as ‘race- baiting trash’ by some

Challenged about the ‘like’, Mr Torrance said: ‘This tweet was liked accidentally and has since been unliked.

‘I apologise unreservedly for any offence this may have caused.’

Mr Torrance is the latest in a long line of SNP figures exposed over dubious content on Twitter, now rebranded ‘X’. 

In March, MP John Nicholson was accused of a racial slur after saying politicians tend to ‘tandoori themselves’ when they do their own TV studio makeup. 

SNP advisor Dr Tim Rideout and comedienne Jane Godley, who supports the party, have also faced criticism for unacceptable tweets.

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