Mum, 20, horrified after £85 no-needle lip filler she bought over Facebook left her lips lumpy and bruised – The Sun

A MUM-OF-ONE was left embarrassed to leave the house after botched fillers left her lips lumpy and bruised.

Megan Armitage, 20, paid £85 to a "beautician" she found on Facebook for the no-needle lip filler – a reportedly safer method that doesn't cause bleeding or bruising.

The woman, who told Megan she was a qualified beautician, administered 1ml of filler into the mum's lips with a pressurised pen, in her own living room.

But Megan, from Bentley, South Yorks., said her lips were left bleeding, sore and lumpy immediately after the procedure last month.

When she asked the "beautician" about aftercare, she said all she was told was to put Vaseline on her lips.

She told The Sun Online: "Its honestly embarrassing because make up didn’t cover up the bruising.

"The lumps you could see visibly.

"Anytime I smiled the lumps were in my face."

Even a month after getting the procedure her lips are still lumpy.

Megan went back to the "beautician" to complain and found out it was her first time using that specific filler.

The mum said she then asked for her certificate to prove she was qualified but all of her messages have since been ignored.

What are no-needle fillers?

No-needle filler are meant to be painless.

The filler is injected with a a pressurised pen that uses pressurised air to get under the skin.

The process is meant to be more gentle than a injection that can cause bleeding and bruising.

However, the results from a no-needle filler do not last as long as an injection.

Before the procedure, the "beautician" also claimed to work for a local beauty salon.

After having her messages ignored, Megan spoke to the salon and they said she had not worked there in months and had never done lip fillers for them.

She said: "I ended up messaging the salon and they said they had not seen her in months. They said she just did make-up and never did lips.

"We then got a bit iffy and we don't even know if she's qualified for it. My lips were bruising really bad."

Megan said the nightmare experience has made it hard for her to trust anyone.

She said: "I was really disappointed and she didn’t even offer to give a little bit of a refund.

"It wasn’t a nice feeling and now I cant trust anyone else to go the them."

The Sun Online contacted the "beautician" for comment but she has failed to respond.

The risks: Unregulated lip fillers could cause blindness or a stroke

Doctors have warned over the deadly side-effects associated with unregulated lip fillers – which can cause blindness or a stroke.

Leading cosmetic doctor Tijion Esho, founder of the Esho Clinic, said people can cause "catastrophic" damage to themselves by jumping on the filler bandwagon.

He said: "From hematomas to infections, abscess and tissue necrosis (where blood vessels become blocked with filler leading the tissue in that area to die), there are so many consequences to consider.

"People can go blind and suffer a stroke.

"There's a risk of infection, abscesses can form and tissue necrosis is also a risk. People can be permanently disfigured.

"My fear is that something really bad will happen before people take note, which is why I'll always be fighting for legislation."

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