Mother-of-three, 30, is left with PTSD after her friend’s fiancé brutally attacked her and broke her jaw because she hadn’t done the washing up

  • Amy White was with her friend Laura Poupard when she was brutally attacked
  • Alexis Poupard, 34, was angry because the washing up had not been completed
  • He punched and kicked Ms White leaving her with broken bones and loose teeth
  • Poupard was jailed for nine years and three months following the brutal attack 

A mother-of-three has revealed how her friend’s fiancé brutally attacked her because the washing up hadn’t been done.

Amy White, 30, of Rustington, West Sussex, was beaten up by Alexis Poupard, 34, in August 2018.

Ms White, who is unable to work due to the PTSD from the attack, was left with a broken jaw and cheekbone, a fractured eye socket and loose front teeth after Poupard violently punched and kicked her in the head.

Amy White from Rustington, West Sussex, was beaten up by Alexis Poupard, 34, in August 2018 after she arrived back at his home along with his partner Laura

Alexis Poupard, 34, pictured, was jailed for nine years following the brutal attack on Ms White

Poupard was jailed for nine years and three months after pleading guilty to attacking Ms White and her two friends.

Ms White says: ‘Alexis had never been violent before, so it was such a shock when he attacked us.

‘It just shows you how you never really know someone.

‘We were so lucky to escape with our lives.’

Ms White had met Poupard’s now ex-partner, Laura Poupard, 33, in 2013 at a barbecue and the two became close friends.

By September 2017, Ms Poupard was pregnant and engaged to her boyfriend Alexis Poupard.

Ms White said: ‘Alexis was not the kind of man you messed with. He was huge with broad shoulders and bulging muscles.

‘I found him quite intimidating.’

In May 2018, Ms Poupard had her fourth baby and a few months later, in August, days before her wedding, she invited Amy and her kids round to her house.

Ms White said: ‘It was a scorching day and we were looking forward to relaxing in the garden.

Ms White said she could not believe that her friend’s partner would attack her 

Several of Ms White’s teeth were knocked loose during the brutal assault in West Sussex

‘But when Alexis returned home from work later that day, he began swearing and banging around in the kitchen.

‘Laura handed me her baby and went inside to find out what was wrong.

‘I could hear Alexis shouting, then Laura fled outside telling me that he was angry that she’d not done the washing up.’

Ms White and Ms Poupard cleaned the kitchen while Poupard went to the shop.

The pair took the children back to Ms White’s house to avoid Poupard.

By 10.30pm that night, Ms Poupard had run out of baby milk and nappies.

The shops were shut so they returned to Ms Poupard’s home to fetch some.

Ms White said: ‘I offered to go into the house with her, along with our other friend.

‘We had left the kids at home with my eldest.

‘As our taxi driver pulled up outside Laura’s house, I asked her to wait for us.

‘But as we climbed out of the car, I spotted Alexis standing at the front door, looking furious.

Poupard, pictured, was angry because the dishes had not been cleaned in his home

‘He marched over, asking where we’d been.

‘He flung himself at my friend. Without thinking I jumped in front of her and pushed her out of the way.

‘Then, out of nowhere, Alexis punched me repeatedly in the head and I fell to the ground.

‘My head pounded.

‘The last thing I saw was Alexis’ shoe above my head before everything went black.

‘When I came around, Laura was sobbing. I lay in a pool of blood, my cheeks were throbbing and I could barely open my eyes.

‘I climbed to my feet and we rushed to the taxi driver, who had waited for us.

‘The taxi driver had called the police.

‘She drove us back to my house, and officers and an ambulance arrived minutes later.’

At Chichester Hospital, doctors treated Ms White with a split on her mouth palette, broken jaw and cheekbone, and a fractured right eye socket. Poupard had even knocked her front teeth loose.

Ms White said: ‘Laura had lost the hearing in her left ear and her lip was split after he punched her in the face.

Ms White, left, pictured with her friend Laura Poupard, who was also assaulted by Poupard, cancelled her planned wedding to the violent thug

‘Meanwhile Alexis was arrested and remanded in custody.

‘After three days in hospital, doctors removed part of my jaw and installed metal plates in a four-hour operation.

‘For the next month, I could only eat liquidised food and had to give up my job as a carer.

‘I suffered with anxiety and was diagnosed with PTSD.

‘I was devastated that I’d suffered such horrific injuries. I felt lucky to be alive.’

Ms White said she was pleased that Poupard received a nine year jail term

In November 2018, Poupard, of Rogate Road, Worthing, pleaded guilty to causing grievous bodily harm with intent, actual bodily harm and assault by beating at Lewes Crown Court.

He was jailed for nine years and three months.

Ms White said: ‘I was pleased he was locked up, where he can’t hurt anyone else.

‘Laura called off the wedding immediately and she’s raising her baby alone.

‘Now we’re closer than ever.

‘I’m telling my story as a warning to others.’

Ms Poupard, who changed her name by dead poll to that of her former partner said: ‘Seeing Amy get attacked was harrowing, I thought Alexis was going to kill her.

‘I’ve been left with hearing loss in my left ear and it’s a constant reminder of what happened.’ 

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