EPSTEIN'S Zorro Ranch – known as "Pedo Ranch" – has been threatened with prosecution after staff accosted a hiker with a gun and unlawfully trespassed onto state land.

The hiker was "lawfully present" on publicly owned lands next to the $27.5 million property – known as 'Pedo Ranch' – when he was threatened by a Zorro Ranch staff member brandishing a rifle, according to an official legal letter obtained by The Sun.

State officials ordered the ranch to stop harassing people who are on the land legally or face legal action or criminal prosecution.

The letter, from New Mexico's Commissioner of Public Lands Stephanie Garcia Richards, reads: "Several weeks ago, the New Mexico State Land Office received an incident report from a recreational access permittee stating that on October 16, 2020 he was accosted at gunpoint on state trust lands by Zorro Ranch employees who claimed he was trespassing on Zorro Ranch’s private property.

"Our inquiry has confirmed that the hiker remained on state trust land at all times; it was the Zorro Ranch employees who trespassed on state trust lands when they confronted him."

The letter added: "The incident is especially concerning because Zorro Ranch personnel not only trespassed on state trust lands, but pointed a firearm at a member of the public lawfully present on our lands.

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"Any future assaults or other violations on the part of Zorro Ranch staff will result in legal action against Cypress and Zorro Ranch, and referral to the local district attorney and New Mexico Attorney General for their consideration of potential criminal prosecution."


It comes as The Sun was ordered to leave a public road near the property by a mystery man spotted driving out of the secretive ranch.

He said “all kinds of people” had been trying to “case out” the property.

The man, who was seen leaving the New Mexico property in a red SUV, claimed he was a visitor but refused to answer any other questions about what had gone on at the property.

He bore a striking resemblance to mysterious ranch manager Brice Gordon, a New Zealander who managed the property throughout the years that Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell were found to have sex trafficked women and young girls there.

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However, when asked if he was Brice, he claimed in a New Zealand accent that he wasn’t.

Brice and Karen Gordon are believed to have run the ranch for years, and their names appear throughout the ranch’s land and property documents, obtained by The Sun from New Mexico officials.

They have never spoken publicly about their experiences at the ranch.


When asked by The Sun about the sale of the property and the end of Maxwell’s trial, the unidentified man repeatedly said: “I can’t tell you anything… I won’t give you anything.”

He then said he would call state troopers even though The Sun’s reporters were legally parked for less than five minutes at the side of highway 41, a main, public, road from Santa Fe through the desert, which runs along the edge of the ranch, two miles from Epstein’s former home.

After reporting the incident, New Mexico officials told The Sun that they had already warned the ranch to stop harassing members of the public who were lawfully on state land.


A spokesperson for the New Mexico State Land Office, which owns land on and surrounding the ranch told The Sun: "Our legal staff directed the ranch to cease and desist from harassing hikers or others who are lawfully present on state trust land.

"We told the ranch that we will refer future harassment by their staff to law enforcement."

The only gate to the secretive ranch stands 2.3 miles from the property with the $27.5 million dollar mansion barely visible on top of a hill.

Two American flags could be seen flying from the wooden gates along with “No trespassing” and “private” signs and CCTV.

New Mexico authorities have long been at odds with the ranch, and were refused entry when they tried to conduct a land assessment on some publicly owned land on the property in 2021.

The State Land Office said it had still not accessed the landlocked parcel of stat land on the property.

"We have accessed on of the formally leased parcels to remove old trespassing signs and a caboose that had been constructed on the parcel," a spokesman said.

"We have not accessed the state trust land parcel that is landlocked by private land."

The spokesman added that if it does wish to access the landlocked parcel of land it will discuss it with Zorro's legal team.

The state’s attorney general has repeatedly called for the federal authorities to seize the ranch and ensure profits are used to benefit Epstein’s victims.


The Land office denied the ranch’s attempts to re-lease the public land on the property and said it wanted to give the land back to the public and even make a memorial to Epstein’s victims there.

They told The Sun: "Many proposals for what to do with the state land have been discussed but nothing is underway just yet.

"Commissioner Garcia Richard would like to honor the victims of this horrific history in some way;  a memorial and/or wildlife refuge on the landlocked parcel may be the way to do that. 

"The accessible parcel of state land will most likely be leased for traditional agriculture uses."


A lawyer for the Espstein estate including Zorro ranch told The Sun: "It will likely come as no surprise that curiosity-seekers and other uninvited visitors frequently approach the Zorro Ranch, and that trespassing on that private property is unfortunately all too common.

"Now that the Ranch is officially on the market, the Estate is particularly susceptible and must be on guard against increased trespass and potential vandalism."

Pervert Epstein killed himself while awaiting trial in 2019 on sex trafficking charges – robbing his victims of the chance to face him in court.

His so-called pimp Ghislaine Maxwell was jailed last month for 20 years for decades of abuse after grooming dozens of girls.

The 60-year-old lured vulnerable teenagers for vile multi-millionaire Epstein to abuse at his various luxurious properties including Zorro Ranch.

In what was described as the "trial of the century", the jury heard how Maxwell snared and "served up" girls as young as 14 for Epstein – and even joined in the abuse herself.

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He also shared their response to the Land Office's cease and desist letter which reads: "We understand from Zorro Ranch employees that they spoke with an individual near Zorro Ranch on that date, and expressed concern about his stated intent to travel to a destination on private Zorro Ranch property, which is of course not covered by State Land Office recreational access permits.

"We apologize for any distress or misunderstanding that this interaction may have caused."

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